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Internet Skills

E-mail: It is essential that you have an e-mail address. We will use this to communicate with you and you will use it to work with your student teams. Make sure that your email address is up to date and that it does not filter out all distribution lists (you are now part of the MBA class of 2007 distribution list!). Check your e-mail frequently: the increased speed of business and reliance on information is critical for success in the business world today and it is also critical for your success in this MBA program.

WWW: Additionally, you will need to have access to the WWW and should be familiar with various search engines and able to find and access information quickly. If you have not had much experience navigating the Web, practice this over the summer. Part of your formal orientation will include how to conduct high-level business research using the databases and electronic resources of the University Library. Throughout this training, it will be assumed that all students have good, basic, WWW navigation skills.

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