9 Phrases that We Should No Longer Say to Fathers

So, love mothers. Stop cozying. We are always for MOM-motivation and lubricate you like honey to any stretch marks. But today, self-criticism is announced. Because there’s a spleen we mothers all have: the know-it-all attitude. And which we live out in the fathers of our children. Although the people are that which we most should-solidarity finally parenting is teamwork.

We have collected records in the Newsroom, we regularly throw the fathers on the head, although we actually know how stupid they arrive.

Why we us so badly can resist the smart-ALECKY? No idea. Comes probably from the time when the woman in the cave was constantly worried that the man accidentally crushed the baby with the Club.

Here are 9 so typical sentences-they seem familiar to you?

1. “Let me, I’m already.”

One of the worst phrases. Because we so rarely tell him to relieve the man. But because we can’t bear, he is doing something different than we. Or not so good. Or simply just a bit slower. But how should he get routine in cutting baby toe nails or braiding braids when Mommy with strict views on the neck sits him and immediately intervenes, if his actions does not meet their needs? He is also adult-and not twelve.

If so the movement comes you next time in the sense that it turns in the spirit, in: “Let him, he does it matter.”

2. “so he doesn’t understand yet.”

The son asks, where’s sand castle that stood yesterday on the beach – and the man gave a long talk about the tides, the Earth’s rotation, tides and moon phases. Yes, even if the four are while staring blankly into the waves – cuddling the set you. Who knows what hangs, also with you.

“Is 3. it not too cold?”

This is not water, but clothes. A ground rule that many mothers, as if they were Anna Wintour. If the man even attracts the child, we consider disparaging not only the styling. It is too little. The CAP is missing, the jacket not waterproof is too thin, the shoes. As would a trip to Lapland, dad and make – and go not only briefly over to Edeka. Relaxed, the child is already not freezing to death.

4. “let them.”

No, the movement comes not good if the father grade trying to stop the children from high argumentation effort, to build an artificial reservoir in the living room. It is stupid to drop him, even if we consider exaggerated his intervention total – in front of the kids in the back. Prefer the note set and later discuss. (Vice versa also applies.)

5. “don’t you think that must now slowly in the bed?”

The mother says when she comes home after a dinner with girlfriends and children still half-naked jump around in the apartment. A completely unnecessary sentence. Because if Dad would think that they’d be there Yes, in bed.

6 “that they never liked.”

May be. But perhaps Papas Königsberger Klopse taste so very different and much better than ours? Also, fathers can relive this terrible feeling of quiet also, which when boiled for hours eating is spurned. Without our comments.

7 “you want her rather play/tinker/go out?”

Maybe it does not apply to all, but tend to be men have another way to spend time with their children. You need less program. They’re just so… better. Lie with the children on the couch around (even if outside the Sun is shining), browse in comics (also like every man for himself), staring holes on the wall, take the TV, and are fully satisfied in their whole unpädagogischen futility. The children also.

8 “be careful!”

Human MOM, of course he is. Maybe not as careful as you. But it is also his child. So he is looking forward.

“You bring 9 for the first time a child to the world!”

Don’t just go but! We have really done much in the delivery room-but that does not make us more competent parent.