9 Amazing Trends of NYFW Spring!

The NYFW Spring 2016 already finished and, as always, it’s interesting to do a summary of the trends more views of the station. That way, we know what really goes into the streets and which parts will be a long-term investment for the next season. Usually accompany virtually all the parades of fashion weeks, so have alook trained“to identify shapes, molds and similar details-separated 9 trends that have been most viewed on NYFW for you stay in the news, come with me!


Straight from the ladylike style, very romantic and feminine, the bonds were the styling of many fashion shows at fashion week. I mean styling because were seen at moorings of skirts, dresses and blouses–before we used we can now bet on bonds to stay fashionable!

Shoulders on display

For a while this trend has conquered our closets–the shoulders on display are very sexy, lend an air of sophistication to the looks. Many designers bet on these strategic cutouts on blouses like a neckline swimmer with sleeves, you know? Worth betting.


Alongside the blush colors, Orange arrived as one of the dominant colors on the runway. The winter had been a small color alert, but in the summer just got even more intense!


The most well-known hippie fashion of all time, the tie-dye, came back with all this season in looks modern and well nothing. Structured sweaters, pantsuits and sophisticated dresses were stained in shades of blue and green in a way that you won’t want to be left out of this trend.


The lingerie on display is increasingly fashionable no doubt, but what if I tell you that a type “pajamas” also made the head of the fashionistas in this fashion week? And I can’t forget the Lacy and transparent dresses Givenchy or “kimono” with guy in robes of Thakoon-to use now!

Race Print

Many designers like Marc Jacobs and brought the print run in head-to-toe looks—it can be a little over or confused at first, but looks great and makes too much in choosing the production!


Enters and leaves the station and fringes are still with everything – this time with less intensity-but still very present in the Collections. Especially in modern jackets, party dresses and barred from skirts or kimonos–super different from boho proposal that we saw in last season.


The denim came with everything for the summer 2016, many designers bet on your gross version with clara average wash-is elegant and timeless. Invest in parts with lightweight denim without lycra.


After an overdose of stripes a few seasons, they go back repaginadas-larger and often forming geometric designs, stripes complete productions of fashion week in NEW YORK. You bet!

What’s your favorite trend?

Photos: Reproduction

Posted on 23 September 2015

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