6 Tips on How to Pack Your Underwear in Suitcase

Travel is always a dream. Not to make this a nightmare experience, learn how to Pack
their lingerie in the trunk.

The day is coming that dream trip come true. But before a nightmare: Pack your underwear in my bag. After all, among so many options, what’s the best? If it’s difficult to choose the clothes you’re wearing, let alone the panties and BRA that combines with all of this. But don’t worry because we are here to help you with 6 tips infallible.

1-Set the looks

First of all, decide what clothes will take. Then, mount the looks predicting every occasion: Beach, elegant dinner, party, outdoors. That way, you will have already set the visual style of each day and then you can think in lingeries ideal for taking in the luggage .

2-bet on neutral parts

You’ll be away from home and their clothes, the last thing you want to happen is to need just that panties you left in your lingerie in the closet door. So, even though the looks that will use, give preference to lingeries of neutral colors, like black and white – especially if you have little space in the trunk.

3-Leave at home the old lingerie!

Anything to get that bra to that town that you’ve always wanted to meet. At these times it is important to be prepared for anything, because you never know what can happen. Not going to risk wearing a blouse more booby and the whole shabby bra showing, huh? If you don’t have at least one new set, This is the time to solve it !

4-do not bend your bra in half

Is strictly prohibited all women of the world bend their bras in half. Oh, didn’t you? The habit of folding the BRA in half, placing a bunt into the other, turning one side backwards may destroy your piece over time. In that case the effect can be even worse, since it will be mixed with other clothes and tighter. In this case, betting on a lingerie door to travel is the best option.


Not that you use to keep your lingerie, but it will make you gain more room in the trunk and organize your panties and your Bras without pushing them. With the vacuum bags, you can compress your clothes and do like magic they occupy up to five times less space. Gold tip!

6-Have a lingerie

It may seem obvious, but have a lingerie for travel can save you time to pack. They were made for these situations, because you don’t want to waste time picking up panties in the middle of dresses, right? In addition, it is much more hygienic, because it prevents their underwear have direct contact with other clothes and objects within the baggage.

After learning step by step how to organize her lingerie in the bag, it’s time for an upgrade in your underwear before the trip, right?