6 Outfits for the Holidays under 150 €

All around Christmas lights and glitters so beautifully and is lovingly decorated. This is also true of the looks that are worn around the festival. We want to carry something very special for the festivities, the family celebrations on the holidays and, of course, the New Year’s Eve party. It can also sparkle and sparkle: Sequins, velvet, lace and pearls are the ideal companion for the perfect Christmas look. Also red and green give the outfit a festive touch. So that the new outfit does not tear a big hole in the Christmas gift box, here are a few looks, for which you have to spend less than 150 € .

Girl Outfit for About 60 €

The manguun kids dress iscomfortable and leaves the little enough freedom to play, but looks chic. The cuddly bolero jacket keeps warm even in frosty temperatures and matches the festive look.

Dress for 29,99 €
Bolero for 19,99 €
Tights 11,50 €

Boys Outfit for About 100 €

Even the little gentlemen can dress up with dark jeans, a white shirt and a colorful sweater and appear in the partner look with their dad. The outfits have a particularly good effect with coarse knitted fabrics in Christmas colors or in the Norwegian look.

Jeans for 29,99 €
Sweater for 49,99 €
Shirt for $ 19.99

Men’s Outfit for Approx. 127 €

Even the adults are well dressed with jeans, shirt and cashmere sweaters. Together with a scarf in a check pattern or a velvet jacket, the outfit looks even more festive.

Jeans for 29,99 €
Shirt £ 23.95
Cashmere sweater 67 €

Men’s Outfit for Approx. 150 €

For the New Year’s Eve party or the fine Christmas dinner, however, the classic suit is still the best choice for the men. Together with a colored tie , the elegant look looks modern and fresh.

Suit for 99,99 €
Tie for £ 29.99
Belt for 19.99

Ladies Outfit for About 132 €

Flowing fabric and red tones are reliable ingredients for a successful Christmas look. Together with a bit of glitter around the arm and colorfully matched nails, the right outfit is quickly put together.

Bracelet for 39,99 €
Pumps for 39,95 €
Nail polish for 22,99 €

Ladies Outfit for About 120 €

The small black is always the right choice for festive occasions. With sparkling earrings, a flashing chain and high heels, the right drama for the New Year’s Eve party can quickly be given to the look according to EZINERELIGION. Together with knee-high boots and a woolen coat, the costume can also be quickly styled and integrated into everyday life.

Dress for € 14.99
Clutch for 35,99 €
Necklace with ear plug for 29,95 €
Pumps for 39,95 €