6 Easy Lazy Hairstyles

For one night you do not want to wash your hair? No problem, you do not lock you into the house and put off any appointment. There are less drastic solutions that can help to achieve strategic hairstyles. Here are some ideas for you.
Some days, it’s simple, you do not want to wash your hair. Tommy Buckett, the hairstylist of celebs is here to help and save the hair, even if you’ve been taken by a moment of laziness. No matter what kind are your hair: will be gorgeous in a snap with the hairstyles designed for situation and the help of your best friend, aka the dry shampoo.

Use Tommy Buckett technique: parts to distribute the dry shampoo and left ear through the head to get to the right one. Apply the product by focusing on the roots. Then use the same method to distribute it evenly over the entire head. You cannot go wrong.

Get inspired by the ideas of our hairstlist not to give up to get out even if your hair is not quite fresh shampoo.

1. The ponytail

Apply the dry shampoo on the roots following the method of Tommy Buckett. Grabbing her hair in the middle with a rat-tail comb. Divide them into 5 sections starting from the forehead and going back. Start with the section in the middle of the neck and roots cotona 5 times. Then, moving toward the brow line, cotona the second section 4 times, the next 3 times, 2 times after that, until the last, at the height of the forehead, which you cotonare once. “Using this method, give structure and body to your hair and avoid that your hairstyle looks too flat.” Once this preliminary step, take the hair you have collected and the tips of his fingers lightly up stropicciali hairline. You can also use a brush with boar bristles (the right ones for not having a devil hair!). Gather your hair into a ponytail and fix it with a rubber band. Wrap around an accessory, blocks all with a bobby pin and you’re done!

2. The crown twisted

After applying the dry shampoo on the roots, combing their hair starting from root. Make a side line at the center of the right eyebrow and smooth the hair down with a comb. Take a section of hair of approximately 1cm from both sides just above the ear and starts to twist them: first the right and then the left. Once you’ve twisted the two sections, the portal behind his head and gaze at them. To maintain the twist, each block with a hairpin behind the ears. If your hair does not retain the fold, spray lacquer. Will not let you anointed, but will increase the gloss effect. Make sure that the lacquer is not anti-moisture, because in this case, as claimed by Tommy Buckett, hair tends to flatten and look fat.

3. The French twist

Apply the dry shampoo for all hair and then arricciali to give body and structure. If your hair is fine you need to increase the volume. He lowers his head and applies a spray for texture. Collect all the hair on one side (right or left). While holding the hair to one side, put the pins from the center of the head to get up to above the neck. The pins should be placed in a vertical, facing one another on one side and the other, in order to ensure the sealing of the hair. Now you take the hair that had kept on one side and attorcigliali towards the center of the head. Fix them with the small springs throughout the length.

4. The soft waves and disheveled

If your hair is not freshly washed, they are better suited to create small waves without using the dry shampoo to have a better look are with some tidying up. To give your hairstyle a natural look disheveled, arricciali slightly different directions. If your hair after curling they look fat, use a dry shampoo for “dry” and make a change to your style.

5. The plug braids crossed fish

Distribute the dry shampoo throughout the length and divide the hair into 3 sections: two lateral, right and left, and a central behind. Create the braids of disordered herringbone and sets each with a rubber band. After doing braids, he pulls his fingers a few strands to give them a less precise and more disordered. When all are completed, intrecciale together and gaze at them together. In a few steps it’s done.

6. The tight twist

If your hair is naturally fat is better to engage in elaborate hairdo that creates an elegant style. Gather hair back with the help of a comb. Apply oil to your usual hair on Both of the sides of the head, pulling the hair down. Then he pulls the hair with a brush with boar bristles and make a low ponytail. Secured with a rubber band, divide it into two equal sections. Get a hair ointment or an oil, put on your fingers and apply it on the locks turning them around your finger. Slowly they begin to interbreed the two twisted sections. He sticks the tip of the sections at the top of the neck and fixed the new hairstyle with hairpins. Boom: everything is ready for a special evening!