5 Types of Jeans to Wear on a Daily Basis

There Are So Many Types Of Jeans That We Are In Doubt When It Comes To Wearing, See 5 Types Of Jeans To Wear Day By Day And Abuse The Look.

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Quite popular, the jeans are always present. The habit of using it does not make people the same, but makes them different by the way they use their social groups and how these groups absorb people who are close with jeans, be it a shirt or pants, even Some kind of accessory.

5 Types of Jeans to Wear on a Daily Basis 1

What causes many-men and women-to choose jeans as a socially acceptable garment model is related to a number of factors, explained by Thesciencetutor.org, such as durability, raw material price, and affordability of production.

Types Of Jeans-Benefits And Tips

For men who like to wear close-fitting pants to the body, a good choice is theskinny jeans, glued to the waist and cinnamon regions. Who uses it, ends up giving prominence to the upper body and greater perception of the shape of the legs.


Little or nothing defined legs become noticeable, demonstrating the lack of harmony between the waist up and waist down regions. That is, the imperfections in these cases are strongly highlighted.

For Women

Women who like skinny jeans should be aware of the details. With this, the more appropriate the model in your body, the greater the harmony between the shoulders and the legs.

5 Types of Jeans to Wear on a Daily Basis 2


If the skinny jeans are too tight, the result may be the opposite of what you want, that is, instead of balancing the volume between your legs and shoulders, it will only accentuate the disproportion between the two.

Other Types Of Jeans

Anyone who wants a little more looser than skinny jeans models, can opt for the slim. Its ability to hide the imperfections of the legs is greater, while expanding the upper parts of the body.

The carrot jeans is a good request for those who rely a little over weight. For those very thin, this model is recommended only with a belt.

Another option, slightly more loose than the slim, is the straight jeans. Thus, unlike the models that “glue” on the legs, it is completely loose in the lower regions, even the cinnamon, reaching the feet. In terms of imperfections, it is the one that hides the most, also suffering few variations due to fashion.

5 Types of Jeans to Wear on a Daily Basis 3

What the straight jeans jeans models demonstrate is the little variety of styles, but for those who are more basic is a great option.

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