5 Tips for You to Increase Your Sales of Handicrafts

  1. Hello Friend entrepreneur, all jewel? Today I want to have a little chat with you about sales of handicrafts. But first let me tell you a curious fact that happened to me, it’s all about our theme. In these my wanderings to study I came across a phrase that left me shocked: “the goal of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” What Kotler meant by that? As I processed a quote like that? Soon I’m chipped in sales. RS

    I reflected a lot and finally came to the conclusion that the father of marketing simply said that you can sell more easily if you know what your product, your market, and especially if you have clear strategies for price and promotion. As important as having a quality product is to have customers to buy and this is what keeps your business alive. That’s why I wrote this text to show you 5 tips on how to increase your sales of handicrafts. See below:

    Make your client meet your product

    I do this in Frances jewelry, every time a new customer enters our site Itypejob she already gets an earring if you commit a first purchase. Is the way I want to welcome you to this relationship that it’s starting. In addition, this earring is my strategic product he is what has more sales, so in addition to this is also a way to bring the client back to buy more earrings. Do the same, create a strategic product and give your customers what they can know and have an experience with your craft.

    Make decorating tutorials videos with your product and post on social networks

    If your craft is for decoration of environments, an irate tip to get more sales is to record videos of tutorials teaching how to decorate the home and office environments. This is a great way to get people to want to have your product. Worth investing! Another important point is to bet on the frequency of publications, do around 3 per day by merging photos and videos.

    Online sale

    You already conducts online sales? Nowadays things are easier and you can start even without having a virtual shop. There are good chances of selling with social networks and even with WhatsApp. Worth also meet the tool Elo7, which started selling the products of Frances Jewels and has limited a category for sales of handicrafts. Check it out here!

    Attend craft Fairs

    Genteeee, the fairs are excellent places for sale. People are already focused on buying products of this type. So before you have a point or participate in some, go to fairs and talk to some artisans and buyers too. Find out how to get at the fair with your work. Conquer your space.

    Make a distinguished work

    The last tip, I also use a lot in my business. Make a distinguished work of others is a big challenge but will be your main ally in success. Search for references and do not repeat precisely what is already being done. I mean you can have 10 people in your neighborhood selling children’s shelves, but, if your have own style, certainly will stand out from the others. The difference may be in the model, the type of material used, in the finishing etc. Want to sell more? Create your own identity, make something unique.

    So friend, there is no magic formula that you will win loads of money just doing something that you think people will enjoy. Use these 5 tips and work hard for their results. Will make all the difference in your life. And by the way, how do you bring innovation to your products? You already use the tips I gave? Or do you have another secret to increasing sales. Tell me in the comments.

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