5 Organizers to Leave Everything in Place in Underwear Drawer

They keep panties, panties, socks and bras visible and organized, in addition to allowing space for parts that cannot be folded

Who doesn’t have a drawer disorganized, cast the first stone. They are coupled in time to save articles that do not yet have a specific place and also to hide quickly that baguncinha that was on the table. And one of the drawers that suffer most from the clutter is the of underwear. Same as panties, panties, brassieres and socks are well bent, sometimes are scattered in your interior, no specific space for each.

A way to leave all the underwear in place is investing in the partitions. They allow space for each of the items while leaving free a drawer area to the Bras that, if they are bulging, should be kept open, preferably. If this is not possible, ideally to be twisted and bent, without your bulge turn backwards.

In the market, there are plastic resistant partitions or soft, fabric or wood, for example. But you can also create a home, in the do it yourselfstyle, as there are simple options and easy-to-find materials such as cardboard and EVA. Check out the five ideas that HAUS found:

Plastic dividers help in organizing in the drawer and can behave panties, underwear or socks. Photos: Dissemination/Ebay

The fabric and plastic dividers are easily found, and help a lot to keep everything in place. Photos: Menaka Mark/personal File

How about making your own drawer divider? With a cardboard box cut and some popsicle sticks, is possible. Measure your drawer and think how much niche want. Photos: Dissemination/Adventures of the Creative Girl

Encapadas MDF boards with fabric are also a good option to organize the underwear. Photo: Reproduction/Pinterest

EVA sheets can cause hives to panties, panties and stockings. Photo: Reproduction/Pinterest