5 Irresistible Wedding Favors in Summer

The weddings that happen in the summer season ask for all the attention when choosing the souvenirs. How about innovating with different ideas? That is, with items that will surely lighten the warmth of your guests and still make your party even more charming. You will surely please your guests!

Here Are Some Of The Best Summer Party Favors:

1 – Sunglasses

Sunglasses combine with summer and nothing better than offer the guests this item so indispensable to protect themselves from the sun. You can customize these wedding favors to make it even more fun via Elishui. You can, for example, put your name, a photo, a phrase or a thank you message for the guest’s coming. Let your imagination flow to create cool ideas for summer memories.

2 – Range

Another accessory that fits in full with summer is the range. And if you are going to get married in an open space with great solar lighting, your guests will likely miss this much-needed item to cool off on the big day. Customize the fans with your name, send a beautiful message of thanks to the guests and deliver them. Virtually no one gets rid of a good fan! So bet on this summertime souvenir.

3 – Bottle Of Water

Another tip of souvenir to scare away the calorie is to bet on water bottles for the guests. But, it is worth remembering that although it is super cool to have a souvenir with the face of the bride and groom, the ideal is to think that your guests may not use such a customized gift.

So if you want your friends and relatives to enjoy the treat afterwards, choose a keepsake with discreet patronage.

4 – Fresh Slippers

It is a nightmare for many women to have to wear high heels in the heat because it causes fatigue, tiredness and many calluses up. Thinking about offering comfort for your guests, slippers can be a great option for the ladybug. It is very likely that they will love the idea! This souvenir is good for men too!

5 – Umbrellas

For the distribution of these souvenirs you can leave a basket with umbrellas for the guests to pick up.

Let your imagination and creativity flow and create beautiful keepsakes for an unforgettable summer wedding for all!