5 Female Looks for You to Match Your Leather Purse

Leather purses are an essential accessory for women. However, among their various models, textures and details, a question arises: how to combine the bag with the rest of the visual?

Genuine leather bag is surely one of the most desired and used. In addition to your charm and sophistication, it is a durable material, beautiful and versatile. The leather is tanned and treated animals, bovine leather as being used to manufacture handbags shoes and accessories. Secondly the preference is the goat leather, which has excellent quality and a very soft touch. Those who prefer a more garish product is exotic options, like those made of alligator leather and snake.

The leather is widely used in the manufacture of handbags, shoes, belts and wallets and Old age there are records of the use of tanned leather for hoods, helmets and shields.

There are several models of leather pouch that can be used in different moment, and you need to know to create a harmony between the part and the rest of the costume. Remember, the stock market is a luxury complement that values your whole appearance, don’t turn on your visual villain.

Let’s start with the female looks for the day to day work it is common that women opt for a shoulder bag, which is usually rectangular or round and Totem, calls that resemble a rectangle vertically. These templates are the darlings of women and combine very well with suit, jeans and heels.


A super relaxed and model that combines well with a walk in the park or at the Mall, are the bags like mailman. And usually have average size, allows to load wallet, tablet, glasses, makeup … Can also be used to take in tow with only a cell phone and wallet. Get a charm with shorter dresses, skirts, shorts and even jeans and t-shirt. This model of bag is one of our specialties. Check out, among others, the Purse-postman Roger Jr., Purse-postman Jennie and Purse-postman Nina.


This can be carried by hand or on the shoulder. Usually have two handles and a medium size round. To be loaded by hand she looks good with jeans and heels in a casual stroll during the day or night. If used on the shoulder also suggested your use with jeans and shoes for daily tours or even small purchases. It’s a spacious bag, which holds very well wallet, sunglasses, cell phone and various objects indispensable in everyday life. Check out our models of Squares and bag handbag JRM.


Sometimes the bag becomes the villain of the female wardrobe and many women claim that after finishing the abandoned item studies forever. But the most modern and charming models can bring convenience and comfort even for those who have dropped out of the play. The backpacks have decreased in size and gained models with pockets and textures to add visual elegance female. And the best part is, they go with just about everything: are beautiful with shorts, jeans, short dresses, doll style slippers and sneakers. Are the best of friends in time to go to College, have a picnic, take the kids to take a tour, go to the gym. Day or night, the backpacks bring convenience for being spacious and the leather models turn into an elegant article. Backpacks Enzo and Trinity are the greatest success!


Of course every woman needs of your partner in ballads and the Clutch would fall under the model like female for a long time. The clutch is the famous party bag, their new models bring colors and textures so that they can be used day or night, and some models have a thin strap to be loaded into the shoulder or forearm at the end of the ballad. During lunch or morning parties they get a charm used by hand or shoulder with long or short dresses, skirts, prints and sandals. In more formal occasions they are luxurious used by hand with long dresses, dark colors or translucent sequins and heel. In the ballad she accompanies the shoulder in short dresses, skirts and heels. This model is one of the most permissive in the wardrobe, but remember that this is a very small pouch that fits only the essentials. You can check our purse clutch model Liza in our link.


A model that requires more attention is the Hobo, format that looks like a half moon and has only one handle. If used with flat shoes, jeans and jackets for example, you can create a more relaxed air, destoando of elegance. This model also tends to be smaller, and is not indicated for women who carry a lot of stuff. As yet we have no model bag Hobo, but soon will tailor a, with the Reliquary quality that you already know.

Leather is the greatest ally of elegance, with all check if the model you have chosen compose well your look, sure to have one that is your man.