4 Use Store: Clothing and Accessories Online!

Picture the scene … You need to renew the closet or simply want a new accessory to give that “up” on look of the day then, for that, you take the car and go to a real marathon in trade:terrííível, is a transit hours running in search of a spot to Park , passes in front of all the Windows but nothing attracts and you end up coming home empty-handed. The result of all this effort? Gastritis nervous! Hahahahaha! All kidding aside, has anyone of you identify with this little story? It’s been a lot of stress or time to go shopping? So relax and rest assured, we are in the 21 century and thanks to modernity their/our troubles are over! kkkkkkk who here has surrendered to the charms and amenities of the virtual shopping? The internet came to make life easier for those looking for practicality and even the fashion world just piggybacking on this new wave. What once seemed tied to Windows of the malls or stores on the streets, today occupies pages of sites, portals, and even Facebook profiles and Instagram. That woman never dreamed of being able to shop, choose your favorite produtinhos and renew the wardrobe without having to leave the House? And was thinking about our readers, that just as we also do some compritchas adoooram on the internet, today we want to introduce you to the virtual store 4 USE STORE! Most people are in doubt whether or not to buy the net, after all we do not know if the store is reliable and whether products really are, so before you indicate to you made a point of checking everything “on the spot”. Result? Love and super display!

Desire and necessity, these two words have been the inspirational source of Taina Giorgi, Personal Stylist and creator of 4 USE STORE, to develop an e-commerce with unique and innovative feature. Desire draws strength, and with this, there are dreams. The 4 USE STORE was born of the need to honor a distinguished audience, modern women and tuned that know and love the sets, selecting the best and most detached accessory brands in the Brazilian market. Among the most coveted brands sold in e-commerce you can find: Blessed Store -a new fast fashion brand launched in January 2012, with beautiful, detached parts, versatile and quality, which value the comfort and style of the woman contemporary; Juliana Manzini – the designer of accessories is on the market since 2003, with the brand that bears your name, and have already created and produced parts for several characters in the novel and film. The brand is also part of a select group that owns the right to use the brand CRYSTALLIZED ™ – Swarovski Elements, where the crystals are recognized and acclaimed worldwide for quality; and Melissa Ayach lyrics translations -Baroque-influenced accessories, marking in sophistication and originality in his plays.

Check out some of our choices in e-commerce 4 USE STORE…

If we love do some compritchas, imagine now that the internet is more and more in our favor?

Our Lady of the credit cards that protect us!