3 Saving Smartphone Tips For The Summer

The summer is here and he brings sunshine, lukewarm nights and a good mood. Well, even one or other thunderstorm must not be missing. As much as we look forward to the long days and the higher temperatures, the summer also has its shadows. For example, for our mobile phones.In order to make sure that the warm season is undamaged, we have three essential smartphone tips for the summer.

Summer: Why Smartphones Do Not Like Extremes

Smartphones have become our constant companions in everyday life. We make phone calls, chat, surf and film with them. They are always there and sometimes we forget that smart pocket computers do not have any fun. Summer, like winter, presents them with some challenges.Electronic devices do not like extremes. Because they limit their performance or render them completely useless. That is why we should consider a few things in the summer.

Tip 1: Sun Protection For Skin And Mobile Phone

No sunbathing without sun protection, we learn as a child. The UV rays harm the skin and can cause sands. If you stay too long in the sun, especially at noon, when it is at its highest, it puts the circulation on a hard test. A sunburst or heat stroke can result.

Sufficient protection is indispensable for humans at high temperatures. However, this also applies to smartphones. Cell phones need sun protection. This means above all:

No direct sunlight

Storage in the shade

Avoid strong temperature fluctuations

Do not leave mobile phone in hot car

Constant high temperatures can damage the battery and reduce its performance. It discharges faster and can lose load capacities when subjected to excessive heat. Since then also no Powerbank helps. Special outdoor phones are an exception, depending on the specification. Nevertheless, we recommend that you put the smartphone in the shade or not take it with you at all. Likewise, you should avoid-as with our smartphone tips for the winter-unnecessary temperature fluctuations.

Tip 2: Theft Protection In The Outdoor Pool And On The Beach

It happens quite fast: once not in the view and the mobile phone is gone. Langfinger drifting around everywhere and also on the beach or in the outdoor pool you should keep your valuables in mind.Therefore leave the mobile phone at home if possible, or keep it in the hotel safe. If this is not possible, someone will take care of your things when you go to the water or the kiosk. A mobile phone insurance with theft protection can also pay off. But only if you do not act negligently. So be careful with your smartphone.

A fingerprint lock or the iPhone lock over Apple can spoof the fun of their prey in the event of a theft of long fingers.

Tip 3: Protect The Phone From Water Damage

Your cell phone may disappear or suffer too much heat. Likewise, a water damage can damage the sensitive electronics. Keep your smartphone away from the water. Even a walk along the beach along the surf can have devastating consequences if the mobile phone slips out of your hand.Waterproof bags can make the transport more secure. Or you decide for a waterproof mobile phone with IP certification. Pay attention, however, to the key figures and the data provided by the manufacturer. In many cases, mobile phones with IP protection are only resistant to splashing water or brief submergence. Also chemicals in the swimming pool or the salty sea water can add to the electronics.

Extra tips: When the smartphone has gone swimming

If your smartphone is going to take a bath, a quick reaction is the best thing. The following steps can prove to be a life-saving for the mobile phone:

  1. Take the phone out of the water immediately.
  2. Do not turn it on.
  3. Removes covers, accessories, SIM and memory card.
  4. Dust the phone with a towel.
  5. Put the phone in a bowl of rice for at least 24 hours.

Try to turn the smartphone on afterwards. With good luck it has the bath undamaged.