3 Models of Skirts to Start Wearing Now!

One of the best pieces to wear is the skirt, comfortable, fun and super feminine. And the wonder is that nowadays there is no shortage of modeling, color, texture and pattern for you to choose. In this post, I’m going to talk about 3 models that are fashionistas’ darlings.

Structured skirt This model is poorly fluid and well marked, being structured means having the shape defined and “frozen”. It is a difficult modeling, it demands more noble fabrics and, therefore, give a very high-fashion airthe composition. They can still be of different formats, for example evasê, godê and skewed, in addition to different lengths, combining with various types of bodies and pleasing to all tastes. How to use? – although you find in several cuts, the structured skirt, in general, is more nasty. It brings a larger shape to the region, so it blends well with cooler pieces on top. – because it is structured, this skirt does not have much balance, therefore it combines very well with shirts in fluid and light fabrics. – it helps all types of bodies, if you tune the silhouette choose models in dark and more elongated colors with little volume. If you are shorter, opt for shorter models and combine with jump.

Flowing Skirts They are the darlings of the summer season, reported by calculatorinc.com. give that air ofeffort to the look, bringing freshness and lightness. However, in more sober tones you can!, to be used in colder seasons. Also they are in different lengths and formats, you can find with more volume in the bar (skirt with horizontal cutouts, increasing the amount of fabric with length) or with constant volume (continuous fabric without horizontal cutouts).

The colorful and printed looks are strong in the summer, while the sober tones, pastels and monochromatic looks are ideas for winter!How to use? – as they give volume to the lower part of the body, the ideal is to balance with less volume at the top. Not necessarily wearing a shirt / tank top, but a little more sequin. – it also helps all bodies, conceals possible imperfections (good luck!). If you’re hotter, you can choose a model in your size or larger, try to keep the skirt from sticking to your body. – The short ones may prefer lengths above the knee, but even longer they can be worn with heel and in more monochromatic looks lengthening the silhouette.

Pleated Skirt This is a flowing model, which stands out for being a “classic” cut / cut shape, in it the fabric is literally pleated to give volume to the skirt. So it’s a more round skirt and super fun to wear.

He appeared on the catwalks of the last weeks of Brazilian fashion and should come with everything in the long / medium length, after the knee ( difficult for the little ones, but not impossible – jump saves lives!). How to use?- it gives an extremely feminine touch to the look, and may seem a little childish. Therefore, to balance, can be used with tailors, social shirts, blazer, hats. In addition to being really cool with boyish pieces such as men’s shoes, gravitas, heavy belts… – it can give a lot of volume in the hip (danger), opt for models with less fabric and longer, to balance the volume throughout its silhouette. – will it be common to find them in medium size (terror for the little ones?), Do not despair, the same tricks can always be used: dark pieces, monochrome looks, jump, décolleté. lengthen the leg (the more skin, the longer -almost rule). So, which models do you like the most?