26 Recycling Tips That Turn Garbage into Jewelry

ecycling is an alchemy, a magnificent transformation, that the trash becomes raw material in the artist’s hand and the result can be surprising. Here are twenty-six tips on how to recycle various materials and turn into jewelry, you can use coins, electronic boards, bottle caps, pencils, cutlery, clothes button, paper, glass, tin, etc.

Tips On How To Make Recycled Material Jewelry

Jewelry Made Of Coins

Pendant deito de Coedas antiguo [ Via ]

Electronic Board Cufflinks

Printed circuit boards have seen Button [ Via ]

Bottle Caps Hair Clips

Hair Clips made Bottle caps, detail are the drawings [ Via ]

Pendant Made Of Pinion

This is an eco-friendly one, which uses a pinion as a pendant. [ Via ]

Pendants Made Of Spoons

These pendants are made of spoons, the work inside the spoon is quite interesting, giving a very retro look in the jewelry. [ Via ]

Bead Necklace With Colored Pencil

This beaded necklace is made of colored pencils, the result is pretty cool. [ Via ]

Tablet Earring

Earring made of blister, Pilula carton or tablets, an Earring Pilula. [ Via ]

Wire Ring

Ring of thread, all worked, with tutorial and step-by-step. [ Via ]

Pencil Earring

Earring made of Pieces of Pencil [ Via ]

Earring Made With Playing Card

Earring made with old playing card, very interesting [Via]

Jewelery With Bottle Caps

Necklace with bottle caps crafted [ Via ]

Jewelery In Paper

According to fashionruling,  jewelry made from small paper rolls, a very interesting and cool effect. [ Via ]

Jewelry Made From Patchwork And Tissue Remains

Jewelry made from Patchwork and Fabric Remains [ Via ]

Phone Card Necklace

This beautiful necklace is made of little pieces of phone card [ Via ]

Button Earring

These earrings are made from buttons for old clothes, a real jewel of recycling. [ Via ]

Earrings Made From Patchwork Of Fabrics

Cloth earrings are jewelry made of Patchwork that you can make yourself playing with colors and shapes. [ Via ]

Recycled Pet Bottle Bracelet

This is a pet bottle recycling jewelry, a bracelet-type bracelet made of pet plastic scales [ Via ]

Jewelry Made From Barbie Dolls

Jewelry and Fashion Accessories made with Barbie Dolls Recycled, strange and different [ Via ]

Jewelry Made From Bicycle Rays

These beautiful wristbands are made from Bicycle Wheel Spokes. [ Via ]

Earring Made From Old Book

The book when it begins to deteriorate can have a second life, who knows in someone’s ear, earring Made of Book [ Via ]

Collar With Candy Foil

Confectionery is all good, but paper lead or aluminum can turn a paste. [ via ]

Technological Jewelry

Capacitor earring, a technological jewel, ecological and using electronic waste . [ Via ]

Jewelery Made From Aluminum Can Ring

Handmade Necklace made of aluminum cans rings [ Via ]

Jewelry Made Of Recycled Wine Bottles

Pendants made from pieces Recycled Wine Bottles with initials engraving. [ Via ]

Earring Made Of Aluminum Cans

Craft made of aluminum cans, cut out very different and unique. [ Via ]

Bottle Lid Earring

Earring made of Steel bottle cap. [ Via ]