Total Looks Black Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011

The Black or what is the same thing the absence of color, It is the main color of all autumn wardrobe, which together with the white, are the most basic of all. No one do without a garment in this color, the most basic of all, carries a few seasons in format total look.

This Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 occurs in many trends, and although in the Western world it has negative connotations, black never go out of style. Today we review some of the more trendy, from the most formal outfits based on the suit to the most cutting-edge volumes and glitters.

Dark volumes

The French firm Damir Doma play with the volumes and it presents items that exaggerate its pattern, as large hood wrap. Outfits that blend seemingly disparate materials, cloth with silk or leather with velvet.

A dark beauty, with a Bohemian touch that rescues garments as pants riding, which is combined with of high military boots and wide-brimmed borsalino hat, in a very macabre-themed parade as it has become the custom in the House.

Suits in total black

A good costume It is essential in all bottom of Cabinet who boasts, if you have not yet opted you for yours I encourage you to take a look at the trends for this season in the link.
But if you want one that last many years and is also easily wearable and combining the best option is to use one Black. Versatile where there will save you in more than one situation.
For this winter is in full mode, try this option presented by Marc Jacobs, two-button, with marbled shirts and Pocket handkerchief. Or this one of Victor & Rolf, Cross, with americana of Tuxedo lapels brilliant, slim and pointy shoes velvet tie.

Nestled in black

Temperatures have been a considerable downturn so we must pay attention to the outerwear. Two original proposals for this winter are the of Just Cavalli y Tim Hamilton.
He first made of cloth with leather appliques and neck hair and the second padding and crewneck.

Glossy black

Highlights for a very dark style, that has been thought in Versace , It combines pants dress with a neckline sweater fireplace, boots patent leather, coat of straight cut with laminated tabs and leather mitts.
A total black look with details that shine, like this House Les Hommes, It presented a suit of trousers fishing, combined with boots in suede and hat point which is decorated with a print to diamonds glitter in silver color.

A leather touch

The leather and the napa are essential materials this autumnal season, if your style Is minimal Joint straight trousers with a shirt of skin as well as in Yigala and dispenses with any accessory. For the more daring bet is the look futuristic to the Matrix, with leahter leggings and overlapping of garments structured as they do in Rad Hourani.
And you you decide the total black look?

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