Keys Style, Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011, (Part II)

The difference between dress e go to fashion, lies in the small details. Each season they are born and die trends, some are re-interpreted and others simply disappear, what is the whimsical magic of the fashion.

Through this series of posts entitled ‘ Style keys & #8217;, We’ll discuss the details of the greater tendency for this season Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011, attention to the more fashionable because these are the tracks that will Excel your outfits.

Belt + wrap

Adjust the silhouette by marking the waist It is one of the keys to more again and again this season, wide, or seam, belts encorsetan the coats bulkier, also accepting American and jackets.

The difference compared to other years, is the knot, used an extra long belt and after fasten it make a small knot. In Phillip Lim o Gianfranco Ferre you have a couple of very illustrative examples, and temperature permitting you leave your open coat and shows your best clothes knitting and scarves.

Boots and chunky knit

Suitable both for a style of military air for a look rustic, the ulltimas inspired trends in the army or the mountain have element star boots. This year are high or anklet with buckles or snaps, but always with a chunky knit over trouser sock. Get as in Michael Kors Brown combines with grey or as in Dunhill with more raw black.


It is time to cut through the sound, recycled, or die, if these boring some of your American, we encourage you to take the scissors and cut the sleeves, as a result a new garment the chaleco-Blazer. It topped with a stitch or leave a few fringe frayed for a more casual arie.
Dries Van Noten o Carolyn Massey they support the motion, the first mixing stripes with pictures and the second by choosing a worn gray tone and decorating with a snap.

Trincha straps

The shoulder straps button or with Suspender style of leather some on the pliers, this season in addition to shirts are used with jumpers. In Perry Ellis They combine ones in black with a cashmere sweater in ink, Vivienne Westwood It presents them to stripes to match the pants and joint them with a printed t-shirt and point sleeves, or in Billy Reid with a cowl neck sweater in white with a charcoal grey suit.

Snaps in his buttonhole

With the same fabric than the American and vest and a Camellia in John Varvatos, or in the form of bouquet with Crystal and together with a print scarf in ETRO. Are the brooches and if with shape of flower, Much better. Where? the strategic site of your jacket lapel.

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