The Relief of Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton for The Spring-Summer 2011

This is the first post-mortem of the British designer collection Alexander McQueen under the creative direction of Sarah Burton, author of all the sketches to the full, always with the support of the House files, remember that the previous collection was designed by Alexander although it was unable to complete it due to his tragic death. Perhaps that is the reason why this is one of the most eagerly awaited male collections for the next season Spring-summer 2011.

The generated expectation that replace one of the most important figures of the sewing of recent times, it is not pecata minuta, rather the opposite, and it is that it be successor of the great Lee It makes the hair stand tip to any.


Sarah vs Alexander

The British also Burton She has worked as right hand the master for more than sixteen years, after the prestigious Saint Martins London school graduation. Therefore understandable is that group Gucci, holding company that owns the House Alexander Mcqueen did not hesitate one minute in his appointment back in May 2010.

A collection that breathe spirit McQueen to 100%, entitled ‘ Pomp and Circumstance & #8217; It makes references to the peculiar style of this genius of the garment by adding touches Byzantine y courtiers. Garments of wide-waisted, overlays, high shots, cross jackets, cuts shortened the length, in readymade garments in wild silks, cotton, tricot and gauze in an update of the London dandisno of time.

Neo-dandy of Levites

The collection is divided into three great color combinations. The first raw and natural, brown tones and some red touches. Combined generous neck occasionally reared up pants shirts Skinny cargo, that is combined with Levites of inspiration trench and shrunken blazers of a single button.

Tribal inspiration

The second block of acidic tones, Orange, yellow and reds combined with beige and black. The ajour is combined with gauzes, and the pants harem stamping tribal mingle with a point Cardigan and a jacket of exaggerated cutting.

Tag to the McQueen

The third and last is also the most elegant and sophisticated of all. In this the pants with tweezers are presented in colour as it is the Bordeaux and combined with rounded toe booties. Difficult overlays such as this in which a byker leather jacket, add one trench coat with belt more a shirt of silk fabric Paisley.

Another prominent look is the reinterpretation of the styling of chaqué with a great versioning, which shortens the smart trousers of grated diplomatic so characteristic of this outfit, adjusted to maximize giving the feeling almost of Leggings. The blazer is joint with cross Silk Vest black with details in blue klein and to complete a shirt to the style Ruffs double breasted.

Luxury details

Typical the morning suit jacket is replaced by a cutting American, details complete classy style, in this way the socks in Bordeaux accentuate the chromatic flat Black flower in his buttonhole or the Assembly topped the sophisticated reintrepretacion of this traditional outfit of the label of Gala male. Brocade and some gilt detail to maximize the spirit of Luxe of the prouesta.

Sarah Burton risks just in this highly anticipated collection that takes references from the dress classic male more snob and updated them to the present successful, if we need to note I give a notable.

Now it’s your turn, writes and gives your score, the rest of images in the Gallery.

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