The Campaign for H & M Line Young for This Winter 2011 and Some Reflections

In recent months we not stopped talk House of the most popular Swedish streetwear of all time, there is no doubt that the of H & M they are riding it very well, and it is there is no week that are no longer news.

Either by their so happy and very guided for better or for worse collaborations, their openings of new stores now with more design than ever, or your benefits data (always rising), the case is that they are always in the spotlight, let their publicists may be well proud of their campaigns because certainly have impact and much.

In this post we discussed one of the latest campaigns for this Winter 2011 and we also do some relfexiones of what is happening in the House lately.

Reflections H & M

For the part that touches me I do I do my personal reflection on the subject and I share it with you, I love the philosophy of H & M In contrast to other large retailers like Inditex Group, which are based on the copy low cost.
Hennes & Mauritz as the Arcadia Group (Topshop, Topman, etc) have a own style and characteristic, very recognizable and that may like more or less but there are, their actions are always very worked, looking for innovation to the extent possible, always taking into account the latest trends without forgetting of the essential bottom of Cabinet, we must not forget that they flock to a mass and not to a specific audience.
The theme of the finishes y materials so questioned, is the expensive currency cross but we cannot wait for the fabric that you have a cardigan from €25 €200. The slogan already says it all ‘ Fashion and quality at the best price’, that if we look it has a logical sense, economic fashion garments and with quality that deserves a price of those characteristics, will that deludes itself is because you want to. If I had to choose I am with H & M for H & M which hybrids are very dangerous, I leave it up there.

Reflections aside, in this post we will analyze and discuss one of the last campaigns of the Swedish giant, in this case it’s one of the latest editorial for the magazine H & M magazine in its Special Edition for Christmas, which will also serve as illustrated catalogue of the young line.Magazine By the way free You can buy in any of its centers, in them prestigious designers collaborate with the creative team of the House in the production of photo shoots, often signing acclaimed photographers. Is all well known that a Crown they not skimp in advertising.

Casual Party

The fotogrago Richard Bush and the stylist Véronique Didry sign production, featuring the faces of the models, Ash Stymest, Christian Brylle and Nick Rae, Sara B, Yulia Kharlapanova, Ieva Laguna and Sheila Marques.
The story focuses on a group of young people who wear several styles of air festive and carefree, ranging from the morning with a breakfast of the chicest, passing through the afternoon cocktail, long sunset on a night of more sophisticated, that not the casual renunciation whilst being of party looks.

Boho chic & trash

A style boho chic mixing garments of Gala as the American velvet with jeans and scarves of chiffon, styles of dress that complemented with a Accessories more trash as it can be studded Bangle.
Basic of wardrobe such as white shirts, a black suit, a point in color camel cardigan, a military court coat, combined in a relaxed manner. For them framed asymmetrical cut short with fine straps dresses and long silk together with wraps of synthetic hair.
A collection very Commercial time than fresh and without pretensions, intended for young people, although the not so much, also it can be, with prices as always very popular ranging from the relieved €9.90 onwards.

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