The Best Street-Style of The Week (XXXVIII)

One more week, in Mensencia we propose to review the best street-style of the last week (and it will 38 consecutive). The urban style of this edition is curiously marked by large doses of originality. I do not know what has happened in this thirty-eighth publication, but it seems that photographers have managed to amaze me with their snapshots from the last seven days.

For starters, the photography that crowns the post is taken by Scott Schuman During his time at Madrid in recent weeks. Has apparently been captivated taurine figure and has decided for one day abandon its urbanites publications to show the world the strength of Spanish culture. Can you see why I said that this edition of street-style was especially original?

One photograph of more recently published Scott Schuman at The Sartorialist with Madrid as a protagonist who seems to enjoy an afternoon of Sun on a terrace (photo must be old, because in Madrid it has snowed today). The stamping his coat It seems to me to be very patriotic and perhaps that has struck Scott. In addition, seems very original idea to wear a cardigan under the jacket and no tie, to relax the look as much as possible without losing the elegance. Wonder shoes carrying, because they can be completed by all make perfect.

A very similar jacket takes the next Lord, which has decided to combine with Jersey mustard instead of cardigan. What seems to me to be less appropriate is the fact not to be socks, not for aesthetic reasons, which also, but for the convenience of not suffering hypothermia.

And if we follow original jackets earrings, that the guy looks then I like. Stamping in principle do not say anything, although I love the discreet which is, but it is the collar jacket What caught my attention. The detail of the Brown buttons also seems impeccable.

If this week you want to play around with colors, perhaps the next look you serve as inspiration, because it manages to provide a harmonious set of colors between mustards and Browns that don’t lose harmony without any harshness. The chalequillo looks good, although it is not clear. The macuto matching necktie and shoes bringing color note makes this look one of the more originiales of the week.

For the more formal, the best will be bet by suits binomial, with different colors for the pants and jacket. It is advisable that the lighter color is on the pants, so so most highlighted the figure’s torso. This man has decided to combine its dark blue jacket with trousers of grey and white shirt clip. I like to make it stand out the color of the scarf that bears on the flap.

The following look promises to be the curl of elegance and simplicity. Dark blue suit and somewhat lighter shirt and necktie, presents this Parisian guy which shows how with so little intention of highlighting, you get to be impeccably striking.

These days some more casual looks, have also been although they have not been the most. This guy leads with enough integrity a simple red shirt to play with socks that will sense below bare Pant, cardigan chunky knit in Navy Blue fleece and hat game. It is warm in the northern hemisphere.

In the gallery you have these and more images that you can inspire for this week. Do you think the XXXVIII Edition of the best street-style of the week?

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