Lacoste and The History of Which Is Perhaps The Most Famous Pole of History: The L.12.12

For lovers of the tailoring of the crocodile, René Lacoste It is undoubtedly one of its great heroes and main architect. It was a French tennis player, winner of 7 Grand Slam tournaments in individual category and who was nicknamed Le Crocodile (crocodile) by his followers, after a made commitment whose prize was a portfolio made of alligator skin for their grooms times.

He was part of the best-known 1920s French tennis generation, the so-called “Musketeers”. And in 1933, he founded the company Lacoste, whose logo as it could not be otherwise, it was the crocodile. And his many accomplishments include the creation of which is undoubtedly the most famous pole of history: the L.12.12

But… What is L.12.12?

In 1927, an impressive blazer made of thick, heavy fabric was uncomfortable uniform carried by all players of the time. Then, it occurred to René Lacoste cut the sleeves and make it polo and breathable cotton. Thus was born the classic polo Lacoste that René decided to baptize as L.12.12 and marketed it to the wholesale

The L comes from Lacoste, 1 by its unique fabric, cotton Piqué petit. The 2 come for the design of short sleeve, resembling in part to that number. Finally the 12 He was elected to be the number of the version selected by René Lacoste. A codename for a polo that has been around the world. And now they wanted to honor him with this unique video.

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