Five Unknown Firms, Five Unnoticed Collections, Five Incredible Proposals (I)

It is true that many times we fall into the temptation of speaking only of what most know and all want to hear, either ready-to-wear signatures or the more commercial, more than anything because they are, in my view, the signatures that most you can easily find you in the shopping areas and therefore pick up your clothes case that you see something that really like you. But I have not counted (mea culpa) with a particularly potent factor as it is today online purchase.

Is not the same, see the item in person and prove to us who see it through a virtual catalog, but lately the shops are busy by advertising in the best possible way and, among the zooms, the digital models with the possibility of rotation of the figure to see the garment from different points of view, or even the virtual locker room in what ourselves can prove us clothing through the official website, the subject is increasingly closer and buy online does not imply so much disorder as it was a few years ago.

So passage to teach 5 proposals of 5 unknown firms belonging to 5 collections that could go completely unnoticed but here at Mensencia, we want to echo us of them. To see that they seem to you.

De la Garza

De la Garza is an Italian firm that, as it has become the custom in the region, is specialized in Haute Couture and tailoring for men, offering a collection consists of jackets, raincoats, suits of two and one-piece, blazers and blasiers quite interesting and with a variety of fabrics ranging from the point to the linen, despite working with a collection aimed at the season Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011

Style and the general touch of the firm tends to build sets in which the concept of gentleman be renewed by a spirit more youthful and modern; i.e., the new gentleman that much presence is having on current collections this season. Even you release sometimes this Creative line with sports jackets, t-shirts, jackets with sneakers and sport influences. Varied, with style and ability to ignore us with something that we already like your store is online or making an order directly to factory.


Signature specialized in shoes but you can not imagine until levels. Many of the shoes we’ve seen, especially in moccasins, nautical or booties with innovative and daring designs, already they have passed or seen the light in this signature. If it is true that male footwear is always guilty of being a creative line something tight and lack of ideas, but Mr. Hare Since 2008, has managed to break this taboo uniting the best English materials with the Italian craftsmanship for, as he says his own slogan, ‘ live an eternal romance & #8217;

Footwear covers all records within what could encuadras the ‘ shoe & #8217 party;; i.e., a shoe designed for special events, work or holidays, but not from day to day: the typical sebagos, moccasins, nautical, boots and booties in leather, heels & #8230;

… and with an amazing chromatic variety ranging from blacks and Browns to the celestial and the yellow cream, having that many times play with textures and mixing different types of tissues, prints and colours to create original shoes that do not pass unnoticed in the looks we choose.


For all lovers of the aesthetic aviator and adventure, this no doubt is one of their signatures. Varde 77, especially the Japanese line that is the one I am going to present now (I especially liked for his proposals in) jackets and American) that is more focused on this peculiar eha s style.

Works the leather, the nappa suede and skin, In addition to the synthetic. And it does so with a style quite informal and somewhat strange for a Japanese line, because they tend to be fairly reluctant with this type of outfits. Jackets, vests bicoloured multi-pocket with stuffed with feathers, dark washed leather Aviator & #8230 jackets;

… or one wide range of accessories, also in leather, which gives it the distinction of being one of the leather goods better designed in this style I’ve seen so far)Coronel Tapioca or Massimo Dutti even you in the new season). It is worth to move on to look at the collection, sure that I bring something in light of all.

D.S Dundee

D.S Dundee is a luxury that designs clothing for men with inspiration in the East London. As they themselves are defined in your page, purchase your style in the history of the London tailoring that brought the people of the province to the city, with styles very countryside in which the Tweed, tartan or point they are the order of the day in all designs.

Enough contemporary which aims to build a modern wardrobe without forgetting those roots that bind it is, although it does not seem it, a firm. The Cross raincoats, their jackets and the trenches are in fairly consistent, with zippers or buttons and lapel necks, designed to fight the cold.

Both its line of accessories (as the neckties of the figure with animal prints)…

… as your footwear collection, they are highly recommended, especially for the cold seasons. A classic style but that we are not accustomed to seeing much here (perhaps the signature ‘ El Ganso ’ resembles you in some designs) but care, which we fool you that, although it is not a name does not mean be a cheap company. That Yes, materials and first quality is assured.


If there is a firm that breathe the purest essence of the british in all its aspects, that without place to doubt is Hazzys. It’s a Korean London firm as you can see by most of their looks is closely tuned with the English lands and exclusively oriented to an audience than in the more colloquial slang we investigationg posh. Their garments are made with the highest quality and dedication and it reminds creative online what can introduce ourselves Polo Ralph Lauren, La Martina or Hackett London.

From the high school style European in which recreate the looks of the University students of the great universities of the country as Cambridge or Oxford, with jackets in marine blue color, white pants, beige or color camel with prints either rubgby, either pole or with university grounds & #8230;

… to purely the countryside lifestyle, based Quilted Fabrics, style Hunter boots for walking on the damp ground, along with vests, cardigans, scarves and foulards that seem taken from the films of Woody Allen type Scoop, Match Point or Melinda and Melinda.

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