Ermenegildo Zegna Abandons The Point and Is Passed to The Cashmere

It was time and it had to be Ermenegildo Zegna. A few months ago we have seen how point invading all collections systematically, leaving aside other tissues such as corduroy or own cashmere being somewhat illogical as yet be trends, we have seen how large firms as Adolfo Domínguez, Custo Barcelona and Oscar de la Renta they have opted for them for some of their designs and thus breaking the monopoly of the point on the jerseys, which is where most jaded are some that we only see point, point and more point.

Why Ermenegildo Zegna, in its collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011, you have created your little oasis of cashmere (which for anyone who does not know it is silk from goat, in particular of the cashmere goat) in which he reigns and triumphs as sovereign over the rest. And the results are that unless different and welcome: a design warm, varied, with a soft texture and enough winter cuts, insulation, soft to the touch and above all a garment that is season, fits well to the body and combines perfectly with jackets, blazers and blasiers.

And for those who are fans of tissue, are in luck, because you entered it in the jackets and blazers, in a fine way in earthy tones like the jacket of two buttons on the figure, which propose to combine with a sweater, cashmere, adjusted, of neck antisymmetric and fireplace…

… Or the diagonal structure with crisscross fabric cardigans as geometric panels and full breasted from neck to waist in ash to combine on the jersey above quoted, with pants that (no, not are cashmere) being cotton, opt for a fine stitch and in the same tones as the rest of the set. Chromatism autumn but suited to the rest of the set without a doubt.

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