Google Play Prohibited Applications to Be Updated on Your Own Skipping Your Store

Google is back to harden the conditions for publishing applications in Google Play to protect users. They have added a new clause that It prohibits applications from Google Play to be updated from other sources.

Sure many remember that Facebook last month began to update its application bypassing Google Play and already know that esto don’t like Google. For this reason they have decided to modify its policy to publish applications on Google Play to eliminate these practices and skip any application mechanisms for update which offers the Google app store.

An application downloaded from Google Play may not modify, replace or update your own code binary APK using any method of update that is not Google Play update mechanism

Now if an application is updated skipping Google Play could be removed from shop to be regarded as a harmful product in accordance with the new conditions. Google does not want an application downloaded from Google Play update on its own because this update might contain malware. Google Play has to be the only source of confidence for updates, in which their safety and malware filters try to avoid BREW malicious solfware in your store.

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