Google Play Offers a Free Song Every Week

Google Play It has finally started giving away songs in Europe, a practice since the launch of Google Play Music It is very common in the United States. Now here they have released the section Free song of the week in which each week added a new song for free download that will allow us to discover new artists.

Section Free song of the week is under the heading Google Play music, and song can be downloaded from the website of the Play Store, both our Android devices but to download it we need to have account on Google Wallet with a credit card but nothing will not be charged us, the fee is €0.

This week the song that you can download free is the Ho Hey theme of the American Group of flok-rock The Lumineers. We hope that this kind of promotions are most common in Spain and that companies begin to give more frequently its paid content temporarily, as they do for example in the Apple App Store, where it is very common to find that they give away applications and games of payment.

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