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LG Is Aims at Flexible Screens, Will Begin to Manufacture Them This Year

Once have already developed screens curves, which Samsung mounted on its Edge terminals and already sold to other manufacturers as live, and more are to come, the logical step is to move forward in the same direction and make them flexible. Provide the curvature a functional aspect and not aesthetic, and filters that LG will follow the footsteps of Samsung for next year. Continue reading

LG Renews Its Range of Input with The LG X 5 and LG X Skin

In February of this year, we learned that LG expanded its range of entry with the new series X, formed by the LG X Cam, dual camera, and LG X Screen, with an extra screen to view notifications. Later, in mid-June, we met the LG X Power, Mach X, X Style and X Max, but there is not the thing. Series X continues to grow and today welcomes two new smartphones, are the LG X 5 and LG X Skin. Continue reading

LG K3, The New Range of Input for LG with Marshmallow

Basic or input ranges continues landing in the market every week from almost all manufacturers. They are the most economical, logical, and in addition they serve so that, with the help of mobile operators, manufacturers put a good number of devices on the market each year.

Now LG presents a new model, a new copy of these input lines your K-line, the LG K3, that already has several brothers in the market as the K8 LG, LG K4, K5 LG and the LG K7 and K10. But let’s look in more detail as it is the new issue of Koreans. Continue reading

LG G5 with Orange Prices and Comparison with Movistar, Vodafone, Telstra and Enjoyable

With some restraso with respect to their rivals, the end comes also to Orange the new LG flagship, the LG G5 noted for having become the first smartphone modular you can add to the modules LG Friends.

LG G5 is an Android 6.0 5.3 screen resolution inch Quad HD (554 ppp), processor Snapdragon 820 Quad-core up to 2.1 GHz Kyro, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB memory internal expandable up to 200 GB via microSD, 4G of up to 450 Mbps, 2800 mAh battery with fast charging and reversible USB connector, mark on the rear and main camera sensor from 16-Megapixel with OIS and video recording 4K plus a 8-megapixel front camera. Continue reading