What’s New in Mother of Pearl of Fine Silver

Do you like stones, but are you also a fan of discreet luster?Then you will love the news in Mother of Pearl of the Fine Silver!The size, shape and shine of the pieces make the classic find the new one, making you rave about!

The mother-of-pearl is a limestone, which coats the inner shells of certain mollusks.She is literally the mother of the pearl, the “primitive” part of the pearl that serves as protection for these little sea creatures.That is, a beauty that comes from the sea in a climate, thus, half mermaid.;)

You can check in our mother-of-pearl novelties that the brightness is steal color and with that #chic and mysterious air that people love so much.You too?Then come check out the news in mother of pearl that we separate for you to fall in love with and take home.Check it out:

New in Mother of Pearl: Drop Earring Mother of Pearl Drop

Stretched and full of charm, this is one of the news in mother of pearl that will make your heart sway!

New in Mother of Pearl: Oval Mirrored Silver Earring in Mother of Pearl

More discreet and with a classic size, it is perfect for those who love a classic and formal look in everyday life. Lawyers, businesswomen and everyone who works with a stiffer dress code will love this discreet touch of brilliance.

New in Mother of Pearl: Silver Earring Mirrored with White Mother of Pearl

A little more bulging than the previous option, this mother-of-pearl earring is also for those who want a touch to lighten the production and add that instant wealth factor to the look.

New in Mother of Pearl: Round Silver Earring with Mother of Pearl

Small and charming, you will not want to include this earring in all your productions, from work to family party, every day will be the day to use this zest!

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