How to Choose and Use a Reducer Strip?

We have a commitment and would have gone up a bit over weight?. There is no problem a good belt gearbox will save us the trouble and we will be Regal. 

And if what we want is to use a girdle every day, see choosing and using a reducer Strip, here some recommendations:

-Today sold all kinds of strip with different materials, the ideal is to buy a latex with cotton inside and seamless Interior, so avoid that mark us and damage us skin contact with latex.

-Buy a belt that has one size less that the pants that we use, so will make a little bit of pressure.

-The following is an important fact. Manufacturers use a different system sizes may vary slightly, so I advise you to consult its recommendations. There may be cases where the size you normally use is not appropriate for you. What I mean is that a manufacturer can be size M and with other L.

-Never use a belt that causes you pain, the strips should help has slimming, shaping our figure without hurting us.

-There are strips of whole body with straps that help us shape and hold lower part of the back, holding the bust, and keeps us upright, as well as to hide that belly and rolls.

-We have localized modeling girdles that are just to the waist, hip, glutes, easy to wear and wash also.

-Keep the skin clean and hydrated.

-Hand wash using mild soaps, do not dry the belt on the dryer, deteriorates the fabric and its properties.

-Do not buy shapewear size smaller than which you recommend, can cause damage to our skin and health also, as increased heart rate, muscle cramps, nausea among others.

-Use a girdle every day makes us perspire so we recommend drinking enough of a liter to liter and half, thus invigorate the loss of liquid.

-At the beginning it will cost us to get with the sash by the pressures generated in our body. The success that our body is mold is everyday, exercising a constancy, beginning the first days of 4 to 5 hours a day for two weeks according to PLUS-SIZE-TIPS, after the two weeks increase to 8 hours and maximum 10 hours.

-Never use fascia to sleep since it can affect our circulatory system.

-Please note your measurements of height, weight and body mass. In general, measures are under the bust, waist and hips. Do you know them? Then takes note of them because you will need them for the selection of your Strip.

In summary, these undergarments are an excellent solution to see you well quickly, but note that one long-term solution usually consist of a diet (best habit of power) accompanied by exercise. There is lingerie that you can use while you exercise, just look at that come in latex. A girdle as well promote the sweating during exercise, so it will help you to burn fat.

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