United Kingdom Cinemas Prohibit The Google Glass in Their Rooms for Fear of Piracy

Undeniable is that the cinema It has been facing the unconsented distribution of films by the possible negative consequences that causes them. One of the rules of any room is the not carry cameras video to record not illegally, and luckily still can happen with mobile, although keeping it off as a standard for basic education.

However, today the industry shows to ignore technology and its innovations, at least so in United Kingdom. A week after the Google Glass Explorer Edition is put on sale in the country by 1000 pounds, there are movie theaters that have banned them.

The reason is more than obvious, since you can record with lots of comfort without not even bother anyone. It may seem like a good idea in theory, but do not have any basis, since the quality of the camera is far from being a decent quality and not record more than ten seconds unless they made a few adjustments to the glasses. Also that many people can use Glass with prescription glasses that need to see and is not as easy to remove them.

They should not surprise us these decisions, because a few months ago a person already was reprimanded for taking the Glass film, although it happened in United States. We will have to wait and see whether this happens in Spain as they put on sale or if it only is the result of ignorance of the Middle.

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