The Google I/O Device Could Present Us Samsung with Android Wear

The Google I/O It could leave us more than one surprise so you will have to watch to see what hopes listed in this article are met and to see with what surprises us the own Google. Bets are open and never better said, because you can participate in Xataka Android bingo to play with us.

A point that is repeated is Android Wear, perhaps since it is close and most ambitious Google bet and There are high expectations placed on it. The already famous LG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360 should be added a Samsung device according to rumors.

Samsung does not confirm anything, although according to the Korean company they are always working on the task of developing new and innovative products. The source points to design would be similar to the family Gear by which more resemble the LG device referring to the Motorola as forms. Also It is rumored that there will be two versions, one with Samsung’s own processor and another by Qualcomm.

Is not the first time that this rumor POPs, since the name of Samsung Gear Wear leads ringing for weeks although at the moment there is neither photographs nor possible specifications. On 25 June will start the Google I/o by what will soon leave doubts and will know more Android Wear.

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