Google Glass Enhance Its Hardware, Now with Twice as Many Memory RAM

The Google Glass they have not stopped improving since its first version for developers was launched a year ago. In all this time have been improving their software, adding many functional, extending your battery 20% more and making a 10 percent faster queries from vocals, and improved hardware, and your design by adding in its second revision saddles compatible with prescription lenses and a headset connection.

Now Google Announces a third version of the Google Glass that have doubled the RAM memory, going to have now 2 GB RAM instead of GB that had previous versions. This change is expected to the augmented reality glasses to work much more fluid and quick.

But this is not all, the Google Glass they will also receive further improvements in their software. Added parking cards to find out where we parked, order tracking card and a new way of framing the photos showing in the viewer a “Ls” in white on all four corners.

This new version of the Google Glass are the last few days Google is sending to the buyers of the Browser Edition their glasses, which since yesterday also are on sale also in United Kingdom. It seems that we we already have the final version of Google goggles.

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