Google Auto Link, Apple CarPlay Competition Would Be Presented in The Google I/O 2014

Very beginning of the year Google announced the Open Automotive Alliance, an Alliance for take Android to cars with the collaboration of Audi, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai and NVIDIA, but since then nothing more has been up to this week.

Website Autonews reports that Google would present the coming week during Google I/O 2014 your own solution to carry the Android OS to cars with Auto Link, but would not be a complete system but a “projection” system like Apple CarPlay.

Google Auto Link would be integrated in the native entertainment system of the automobile to be able to control our Android screen car entertainment system and steering wheel controls. Apparently, and just like that Apple CarPlay, to match our phone with the vehicle we will see on the screen of the car under a new launcher applications applications adapted to be used in a car, which would practically be limited to music players, gps navigators, along with the options of making calls, listening and responding to messages and emails with voice, listening to notifications, and voice commands to control everything without touching the screen.

It is still not known if Google Auto Link It will be the final name or when the first cars and compatible devices appear on the market. Google intended to arrive before the end of the year. Then I leave with a promotional video of Apple CarPlay:

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