Canvas sneaker

Canvas sneaker can be combined with any casual outfit. The lightweight fabric shoes with the mostly white rubber sole is the perfect summer shoe! But also for the transition period, or for casual occasions a canvas shoe the right choice. Combine a solid, simple shoe to a fancy outfit or choose a patterned pair for a funky Festival outfit. There’s a huge range of styles and the matching canvas sneaker for every type and occasion.

Canvas sneaker: the slight feeling of summer

The canvas sneakers are the most popular in the summer and mild temperatures. Of course, because he is the perfect shoe for spontaneous summer adventure! The lightweight fabric is still a cool Windchen at the foot and provides an airy summer feeling also on wide paths! While each step is easy, because the rubber sole is comfortable and flexible. No matter whether you walk on grass, the street or stock and stone: the canvas take you everywhere. But there is some practical variations of the fabric shoe for colder days. Some models have a high shank or are fed, so that they can be worn even in winter. No matter whether solid, with trednigen patterns, or certain symbols: each shoe expresses an attitude to life. Find the sneaker that fits your lifestyle.

“Land in sight!”

The canvas has conquered the fashion world! What was once actually only worn by sailors on the Lake, is everywhere and on everyone to see! For the sailors, the shoe was optimal, because it is easy, sitting through the laces to the foot and has a comfortable rubber sole. For their hard work, they needed shoes that could withstand a lot. The rubber sole hold moisture and the fabric dries relatively quickly in the Sun, if they are even wet. Even today the shoes take a lot. Conveniently located to be easy going on the dirt of the last adventure, or the last night of partying. Once in the washing machine quit and your Stoffschue are like new again!

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