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Gloves with fur

Gloves are simply indispensable in winter, because the hands freeze very quickly. There are many different types and models. Gloves fea­ture is with fur, so there where they end up, having a fur on the wrist. This is a trendy accessory from a really practical glove. Many of these fur gloves are lined inside with fur, making them particularly cuddly.

Improve The Autonomy with The New Update of The Smartwatch Galaxy Gear?

Samsung It will launch this week a new update for the smartwatch He appeared along with his Galaxy Note 3 phablet. The changes include the possibility of receiving complete notification of applications of third parties or an improvement in autonomy.

Is clear that one gadget more means one further device to load, but it is clear that if we already you have to load the smartphone at the end of the day if we have to do the same with a Watch with that frequency, bad. Continue reading

Business Blazer

A nice Blazer completes your business outfit. And, conveniently, the Blazer is also ideal for example combined with jeans and a T-Shirt for the leisure look. In the fashion Finder you can find trendy and elegant Blazer. Wear a body or a blouse under a Blazer jacket in the Office. A blouse has the advantage that you can also place the Blazer and not so frequently have to clean it since it does not come with your skin.


Earrings emphasize the feminine side of women in many cultures of the world. They are also the oldest jewellery of humanity. Earrings are the favorite accessory and jewellery for most women. They decorate our ears and complete any outfit. Many feel even naked and almost incomplete without earrings. You can tell that the earrings are just as important for us women, like our handbag. Some not wear earrings always and consistently, others, however, on special occasions and on the work for but in leisure time. The players are so different, so are different the models of the earrings. There are countless types of earrings, so anything is possible. Colors, shapes, sizes, materials and types of jewellery are varied and limitless.

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Project Ara Would Have Also Gamepads Taking Advantage of Modular Capabilities

Project Ara being one of the most interesting projects of development in what refers to the mobile landscape by the idea to customize your phone and be able to buy parts to us na according to our preferences and capabilities. Initially, the idea is that all ports are acomodasen for components such as memory, battery and the camera, but you may not have to be so. Continue reading


There are gloves and mittens of different brands in all colors and materials. If you freeze like most women, quickly on the hands, gloves are a must-have in the winter. And thanks to the beautiful design spice she the one or the other outfit on. Whether your heart beats now for leather gloves or gloves made of rope, is do not care. Because for every taste and occasion you can find the perfect glove at Bridgat.

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Liquid Leap, Appears The Smart Bracelet for Acer

In the event of Acer held today in New York in addition to presenting its new Acer Iconia One 7 tablet has seen the light Liquid Leap, the bet of the brand to compete within the “wearables”. It’s a bracelet cuantificadora in order to measure our daily activity with only 17 mm thick with a design similar to the Samsung Gear Fit, that connects to our smartphone via Bluetooth. Continue reading

Hair care products

Hair is a very special species, because they grow differently in each person. While you have a thin straight brown hair, there are people with curly voluminous Golfpunk. Of course, the country of origin this plays an important role. But clearly, that often an important factor in the assessment of a person’s hair. Deshlab should be always clean and well styled. In the following you will find a lot of tips and advice that you can take with you for the next time wash your hair and styling. So, your hair in the future looks strong and healthy!

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LG Set a Target of 10 Million Sales for The G3, Which Is Already in Production

LG has prepared an event by the end of this month, which we hope to present new LG G3 and G Watch, although the Korean manufacturer has not made too many details of this presentation still.

While the G2 estimates were the same and the sales or approached, now LG has another route back which makes it more than possible to achieve the 10 million units. Continue reading


The classic moccasin is Brown, suede decorated with small embroideries, beads or feathers. This shoe is not only comfortable but also pretty to look at. There are also colourful moccasins, bring the life in your shoe rack. In the summer, they look especially sweet for white clothes. With a denim shorts and a fringed vest you’re equipped with a moccasin perfect for the hippy look or indie-style.

Second hand clutches

Second hand clutches

A pretty clutch as a suitable accessory is suitable for any stylish outfit. It so happens that we women would prefer have a colour matching bag for every elegant look. Unfortunately, however, we can probably not a clutch in black, pink, beige, cream, apricot afford to buy Cognac or all other colours. Therefore we need to stop us either with a reduced number of evening bags or we revert article on second hand. Used bags look most like new, hardly worn, so that it is striking anyone, that we will pick up a second hand product. Straight pockets are usually very many years and also come apart from some trendy it pieces, not from the trend. You for your next invitation have still not matching clutch, you can full of anticipation for a new bag, should rely on a second hand clutch.

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Stiletto pumps have only a very narrow, high heel – also often referred to as stiletto heel. These high heels are not necessarily comfortable, but we look fantastic. True to the motto ‘who wants to be beautiful must suffer’… If you don’t Stilettos so make sure that you have to walk much, seating is present and you’re taking a taxi home. In combination with the small black or a glittery dress, you have put together your party outfit with Stilettos in the blink of an eye.