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3.10 Telegram Saves Your Texts without Finishing in Drafts, New Video Player and More

The arms race of messaging applications continues one more week. Now is time to fight back of Telegram, whose latest weapon in the battle was the editing posts, introduced in version 3.9.

A new version of Telegram is already available for download on Google Play, version 3.10, which once more is a joint effort to at the same time update all official applications for mobile and desktop. Continue reading

Melons hats

Melon hats a melon Hat gives your outfit a whole new look. Originally worn by the English middle class, adorns the melon hat made of hard felt our heads now. Portable, melons hats are a trendy accessory for ladies and for many occasions. The shop includes classic black models as well as fancier hats in bright colors with embellishments such as springs or embroidery. Filter our range by brand, colour or Web shop to find your new melon hat faster.

The Other “Watches” Smart

For technology manufacturers it is important not only hit with the vision of the future but also the path to be followed to get up there. All suspect that the boundaries between computers and tablets is desdibujarán in a few years, but the “computer” of the future, will come as an evolution of tablet or laptop today? What kind of operating system will you use? An evolution of the current Windows or OSX? An evolution of the current Android and iOS? Continue reading

The SMS Back a Facebook Messenger Four Years Later

Facebook has just announced that SMS messages will return to your messaging Facebook Messenger application. Go back? So yes, since Messenger was already capable of sending and receiving SMS until the function was disabled back in 2012.

Said and done: SMS they are already available Messenger exclusively for users of Android made with the update available in Google Play. To activate the only thing you have to do is go to options (the tab on the right), playing in the new SMS section and choose Messenger as your messaging application. Continue reading

Birkenstock Zahir Renner

Birkenstock toe Sandals for women can be found online at Bridgat. The tithe Renner, also known as Giza and Ramses models, belong to the classic series of Birkenstock and convince with the comfort and high-quality processing. There the sandals in many colors such as white, black, silver, gold, and also in various materials such as varnish or leather.

Bkids Night Lights

My chip has integrated its large bed for some months (2 years and 4 months). It it is accustomed to following, seemingly never regret his old crib. Become “great” in his words, it is however set to be afraid of the dark at night, during sleep. Sometimes we have to leave the door to his room open on the lit corridor (some of the electricity waste this stuff but it was essential for her to fall asleep, soothed). The small pilot then she had not pretend not suffice, we needed another solution for it is no longer afraid of the dark. It was at that moment that I was offered testing a pilot. This test was very much appreciated and I said yes.

Continue reading

9.0 Unicode: Approve 72 New Emoji Including The Facepalm, Paella and The Shruggie

Most of them already knew them because the process to officially incorporate emojis is long and public, but if you were afraid that some of the emoji candidates into the latest edition of Unicode were lost along the way, now you can Finally see what have graduated.

The image that accompanies this text is an interpretation of these new emoji, 72 total, created by Emojipedia with the style of emoji from Apple, which does not have to be that you will receive on your mobile Android, and with total security, that it will not, except in applications like WhatsApp. Continue reading


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