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HTC DLX, Becoming Americanized J Butterfly

It was obvious that it would come out of Asia, and is that HTC j. Butterfly is a too palatable candy in all markets and to confine it to Japan only. What we see in the pictures is the rumored HTC DLX, that would be it American version for Verizon of the Butterfly J.

As many may have thought, the American version does not mean that we see it in Europe, but shows clearly that HTC intends to launch a similar flagship in major markets. In this case, the internal development name is Deluxe J, but reportedly will be sold as HTC DLX, as it leaked at the time from xda-developers. Continue reading


Tweezers are indispensable in the beauty-case of each woman. There are silver and gold tweezers, but also colourful and decorated. Looking for an automatic tweezers? Also, you will find these in the bottom of the range. Filter using the functions on the left side, the tweezers out that matches your needs. Enter your financial budget, or choose for example your favorite online store.

Google Could Present The 4 Nexus, Nexus 7 (32 GB), 7 3 Nexus G and Nexus 10 October 29

After the next event Google ad “ The Playground is open ” for October 29 have not stopped out rumors and alleged leaks of what could occur there. By the name of the event are no doubt of they will present at least a Nexus device and that will be accompanied by the new version of Android 4.2.

We can almost be confirmed that they will be called Google Mobile next Nexus 4 and that would be manufactured by LG, which we have already seen serious leaks, as their first images of quality and its alleged technical specifications. Continue reading

Sunglasses with colored lenses

Not only in the summer, a beautiful accessory is the sunglasses. In this category we have chosen glasses for you have colorful glasses. Blue, red or green, through rose-colored glasses you never lose the look. The online shops provide models of Burberry, Calvin Klein and many more for you. From classic over striking to return to athletic there is something here for every woman and every price category.

Huawei Prepares a Device of 6.1 Inches and 1.8 GHz, The Huawei Ascend Matte

Huawei still trying to get to the market terminals high range to something more popular than the competition’s prices. We are still waiting for the Huawei Ascend D Quad, which we have not received any news of his release, and the Chinese company is already immersed in another great terminal pointer.

The trade name of this terminal will be Huawei Ascend matte, a terminal but it has not shown anything, we already have information from some of its specifications, which if true would leave us one of the most enviable terminals on the market. His point in favour would be the size of your screen, from 6.1 inch 1080 p to try to enter the sector of mobile as the Galaxy Note II. Continue reading

Fringe bags

There are not just the fringe dress or the fringed boots to the new boho chic trend, but also the fringe bag. She recalls one or the other determined season. But the fringe bag can do even more. At the time, hypen the big designer bag with hanging strands and come up with all possible designs. While the classic black or brown bag had normal straight fringes, there’s this today in other sections. But also new tie-ups, tassels, additional applications, or color variations are conquering the market. It is now high time to go for a fringe bag. Especially in the spring, you will need them.

Continue reading

5 Find, All The Information of The New Oppo Android

We have, since IFA in Berlin, a few weeks intense in terms of news refers, not in vain we have already seen the renovation of the convertible star of ASUS, Padfone 2, and although we have already known to the LG Optimus G, are also ready to see what’s new in Nexus the Nexus 4 LG range. The market moves with a speed that much is considered excessive, and have already started to see terminals display FullHD.

The Oppo Find 5 It was the first device announced screen in high refine 1080 p, a smartphone that will be sold in China from December onwards, and which share the the spearhead of the new generation with the HTC J Butterfly newly presented in Japan and with the Samsung Galaxy Note II that we have available in our parts. Continue reading

Sports shorts

You can now online order your shorts for making sport! The offer ranges from adidas of sports shorts up to Nike and James. But there is still differentiation when it comes to sports shorts. For example, as the name implies, the tight-fitting cycling shorts are ideal for cyclists. Short running shorts thanks to colorful colors are trendy and practical at the same time. You can also by brand sort Finder in the fashion, set the price, and cheap to buy so your new sport shorts.

HTC J. Butterfly Could Reach Europe with Seal Nexus

Many siren song heard in recent weeks around the renewal of the Nexus range for the end of this year. We already know that Google is preparing an event on October 29, and although details are not known, it has elucubrado with the presentation of Android 4.2, the new LG Nexus 4 and a change in the Nexus program which would allow, by way of certification, each manufacturer had their own Nexus Phone. Continue reading

Cosmetic brush

Eye shadow, Rouge, to apply mascara or powder, we need brushes and brushes. Here you can find make up brush from the different freebies. You can sort them by brand or price to find exactly the brush you need. Brush must be cleaned regularly. This goes best with mild soap. Then DAB the brush gently with a paper towel and dry lying.

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The Six Best Phones Mid-Range Android

We always tend to forget the middle range when we speak of terminals, and is that outbreaks tend to take them top terminals whenever they come to light. However, we know that manufacturers take advantage of mid-range because they reach one much greater audience. Engadget Android replies we received the question user rolandus questioning what is the best mid range phone, and in response, we have prepared this analysis.

Obviously, we have taken terminals available at present or short-term, and we have obviated some older that now could be considered middle-range, Samsung Galaxy IBS or the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, because in his day were high but right now they are discontinued by the manufacturer. Continue reading


Bracelets go always and everywhere! They belong to the most popular accessories. They adorn the wrist and give your look that certain something! You get wristbands not only by great, higher-priced brands such as fossil, Michael Kors, guess, but also already quite cheap from labels such as, for example, Loavies or touch. How do you find the right bracelet for you when choosing a breathtaking? We give you an overview! Whether real silver and gold or leather, glass, or plastic – at Bridgat you’ll find everything your heart desires.

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Onyx Will Bring an Android with E-Ink Display and a Month of Autonomy

A phone with a month of autonomy, the dream of many, and apparently not so far as I can think. Already a month ago that it ended the 2012 IFA Berlin, but still gives tail as this unknown prototype of Onyx, that it could be seen at the fair and is the first Android smartphone with e-ink screen.

It is a new way to explore, and although obviously today manufacturers seeking huge pixel densities in panels with leading edge as SuperLCD3 or Super AMOLED HD technologies, these screens do not cease to be a monster for our devices battery. Continue reading

Peep toe pumps

Plateau pumps are incredibly trendy at the moment. Especially peep toe pumps in red are a real eye-catcher and make sure that you’re the party with your outfit at the Center. You choose the platform pumps in the color black, then they come so very elegant. At Bridgat you can find many different plateau pumps, for example, from paint, great colors and desired shoe size.

HTC J. Butterfly, a Stunning Display to Make Reality The One X 5

At last comes to the real world, and is the HTC One x 5 had been rumored over and over again, even after the IFA in Berlin and his no appearance there cooled much leaks. Finally, the device will be called HTC j. Butterfly and opens a really impressive screen specifications.

The new Butterfly J is presented with the aim of restoring the hegemony lost recently to the Taiwanese company, and arguments have enough to do this. The surprise has jumped today in Japan, where to begin its journey the device in the hands of the operator KDDI. Continue reading