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Summer boots

Cool boots to a white summer dress, cowboy ankle boots to casual MIDI skirt? No problem! Summer boots are absolutely in line with the trend and has long been a no-go more. Previously considered weird boots in the summer and wanted to not quite fit the image. But times have definitely changed–today boots are an eye-catcher in the summer and not only allowed, but even required! Of course, the boots must bring specific properties, so that you’re sweating in the warm temperatures in the shoes. There are just only specific boots for this trend – are the thick winter boots here definitely out of place.

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Berets have always a light French flair and we find good, because however the Parisian women are considered particularly stylish. Finish any outfit and to wear a beret, is not difficult. It can be used straight or slightly oblique and harmonizes with the most looks. Quieter nuances such as black, white and gray are suitable for the beginning. Like the berets for women? Then, you can buy them easily in the online shops.


Especially in the cooler seasons such as fall and winter, it is important to keep warm. With the right scarf that you succeed even in a very stylish way! But also for the summer, there are great solutions to our all time favourite. At Bridgat you will find a large assortment of stylish scarves that you can combine any outfit.

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The deodorant protects your armpits from sweat and gives the skin a fragrance of your choice. Many Web shops provide a high-quality and yet cheap deodorant to online ordering for you. Practically is the small smell helper – no matter whether Deostick or Deospray – especially on the road, because of its convenient size, fits the Deo in almost any handbag and is therefore virtually always in reach for you.

Pajama tops

Looking for a nice sleep shirt for ladies? Then you are right here. In this category there are many Pajama tops from a range of different online stores. The offer includes long-sleeved Pajama tops as well as sleep tops and T-Shirts. You can find different colors, playful models with print but also seductive tops with tip. You just look around in wide range.

Platform wedges

The trendy plateau wedges differ from ordinary wedge heel shoes especially as they have in addition to the wedge than sales, also a platform sole. This brings the shoe again approximately at a level. This conjures up the sole while wonderfully long legs and ensures a flamboyant appearance, you owe the paragraph but at the same time a pleasant wearing comfort. The search options on the left hand side simplify search for your perfect pair Plauteauschuhe with wedge heel.

Ski jackets

Hit the slopes! With these jackets, you’re super equipped for your next ski vacation. Be sure you needed a jacket that keeps really warm. But also in growing ever colder winters in Germany a ski jacket can be quite useful, for example when waiting for the bus or the train. Therefore, there is to much for winter sports in the online shops to buy. Here find a Softshell jacket, a fleece jacket to wear, or just a new ski jacket.

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Waist Shaper

A popular classic in the field of shapewear is the waist Shaper. Small pads disappear in the blink of an eye, nothing cuts more and also otherwise we feel simply well. What is the meaning of a waist Shaper. This can be pretty handy too, the online shops to prove now. Beautiful waist Shaper with lace or satin are no longer a rarity. Also waist Shaper briefs with string make increasingly sexy the shapewear.

Studded belt

Studded belts are absolutely in line with the trend for women. With rivets, there are the casual belt in the most diverse variations, for example, in wide or narrow, with large or small studs, leather or textile, and in black or stained. You can find here a wide selection from a range of many different online shops. There are also the popular love child of studded belts, which is available in several colors.


In this category you will find funny tote bag, cool leather bag or even sporty bag. If you’re looking for a new companion for the gym, the sports bags from adidas may be something for you. In bright colors, they make equally good mood. Looking for a cool companion to the beach more? Also here are bags with patterns to find beads or embroidery and always a good choice. Hardly any other bags are so spacious and flexible. The different models ranging from cheap bags designer bags. Use the filter options and friends simply sign your new bag home.

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Second hand boots

Don’t panic! Even if it is outside wet and cold and you can no longer put on all your favorite shoes in the summer, this is not end of the world. “Boots” is the answer, to occur in that weather yet stylish. Now it is high time that you extend your collection of boots, because there are so many beautiful models. Chelsea boots, Overknees and leather boots. We want to have it all! And that’s even without a great amount of money to spend, if you buy second hand!

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Contour pens

So that your lipstick to the lip edges runs out, you should outline your lips with a lip pencil make-up. It is easiest to follow the contours of the lip middle. The pencil we must have the same color your lipstick. It is therefore the simplest a pencil of the same brand as your lipstick, to buy. You can use the search options on the left to sort the range from the various online stores brand.


There are earrings in the wide range of variants. By Bridgat, earrings like us particularly well. Earrings can be long and striking and Spice up as a more simple outfit in the blink of an eye. Especially earrings made of silver or gold have this effect. But also fashion jewelry can be the catcher. There are hanging earrings also in smaller, more subtle designs. These can be combined to any outfit.

Multiway Bras

Looking for the answer to all problems? Then you’re Bras here at our multi way just right! Through its unique adjustable carrier this school Bras can be adapted to all still so dicey situations: no matter whether classical, as a halter, cross or even strapless registered for backless dresses! Now simply click through our large selection of different brands and convince you of the incredible all-rounder: the multi way bra.

Hair jewelry

In this category you can find great accessories to style your hair. Hair accessories for updos are suitable particularly well. But also open hair can be spiced up with the right hair accessories. Whether hair bands with loops or flowers for the hippy look or set with sparkling stones Barrettes and hair clips for the elegant outfit – hair accessories is a must-have! There’s a large selection of Haareifen, trendy and cheap to buy hair clips and hair flower arrangements from the different online shops.