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Military Elegance: the Camouflage style Dominates the Fashion Winter 2014

‘Must-have’ in recent years, back camouflage. The ‘camouflage style’ parades on the catwalks of the most exclusive brands and conquer the world of accessories.

The camouflage burst into the history of fashion in 1919, when at the Chelsea Arts Club in London, was hosted a dance where the participants wore clothes in which white and black were mixed in camouflage style to recreate the colors of warships. The dance was a great success, to the point of being able to influence fashion and art. Subsequently, the camouflage reappears in the 60s and then 80s, but this time declined in casual version.

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Android Malware Discovered That Self Installs on Your Smartphone

If you have an Android device carrying a version of Android from 4.0 to 4.4, be very careful. An American company that deals with corporate security, Blue Coat Systems, has discovered a new malware, belonging to the family of ransomware, that will auto install on your Android device.

Unlike the other that to infect devices require the installation using APK, this malware gets inside our smartphone simply by visiting a website. Has not yet been made known what the website guilty, but it is certain that it is a pornographic website. Continue reading

In the Fashion Jungle with Avant Toi

Explorers of the fashion and authenticity discovery: this advertising campaign spring-summer 2014 Genoese brand Avant Toi.

Have you ever heard of Avant Toi? For those not familiar this is a historic Genovese brand created in 1994 from Liapull productive group. After a careful study of treatments and color gems not indifferent combined with good craftsmanship and excellent and inimitable production process, especially for the most refined and delicate materials, such as cashmere, cashmere-silk, linen and cotton pure, underlying the concept of Made in Italy brand that today presents the new advertising campaign.

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HTC Electronics Italy

HTC has just issued a press release which describes in detail all information about rates and availability in Italy for the Consumer Edition of its virtual reality Viewer Lives, developed in cooperation with Valve and presented officially at the Mobile World Congress 2016 of Barcelona just a week ago. The device will enter during preorder right today, Monday, 29 September, from 16:00 (beating so of just a few hours HoloLens Developer Edition, if the rumors are correct). The first shipments will begin on April 5.

The price of the viewer will 899 €. The package includes the viewer with built-in camera, displacement sensors for wireless controllers and environments. There will also be 3 games/titles/”VR experiences” developed exclusively for electronicsencyclopedia: Continue reading

Abercrombie & Fitch Punta al fast Fashion

The American brand tries the segment of the “fast fashion” with the brand Hollister Co.

While some of the fast fashion giants try their luck veering towards catwalk collections, there is a brand that changes trend and try your luck with the low cost.

This is the case of Abercrombie & Fitch that to smooth over recent and substantial losses of revenue and turnover has decided to focus on fast fashion. And it does so by choosing leather leggings: Smber.

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LG Electronics Enhances the 360 Cam

LG Electronics strongly believes in the products launched at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, and in particular has confidence in the success of LG G5, the new top of the range for its peculiarities, and 360 Cam, the new camera can offer images in 360 degrees.

LG 360 Cam has as a strength not only the quality of spherical images, but also the compactness and ease of use. What is more, this is the first camera made by a manufacturer of smartphone optimized for Google Street View with support for Open API Spherical Room. Users can capture content in 360 degrees with the device and upload them directly from your device in Street View through the app available for both Android and iOS. Continue reading

Office Chairs Suggestions

The work absorbs great part of our day. Often we spend more time at work than at home. That is why important to create an environment that is comfortable and which will not affect our mental and physical balance.

For those who have a desk job, desk, work in contact with the public but also with a lot of cards, to fill in, to read and reread…, it is very important make sure comfortable seating and ergonomic.

Once the desk chairs were made ​​of common wood, resistant, solid and durable, but certainly not very convenient.

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