Meaning of CCTV

CCTV is an acronym in English “closed circuit television” as abbreviated on abbreviationfinder that translated into the Spanish “CCTV”, it consists of one or more cameras surveillance connected to one or more displays of televisions that reproduce the images broadcast by cameras or video. The images seen by the camera are transmitted via coaxial cables or a wireless network that is the monitor that is used to transmit the images.

The system is characterized by be closed, which indicates that the images recorded by the camera is not transmitted but is stored in a storage device for viewing or to be used as evidence, as for example: in the case of theft, murder, the recorded images can be of great help for the authorities to find those responsible for the fact. In addition, it is a system to be used by a limited number of spectators.

The cameras is are fixed in points specific and, of be a system modern them cameras can be managed from a room of control and count with functions advanced as: approaches, zoom, panoramic, tilt, among others. With the advance of the cameras, there are models that let you capture images in dark images in darkness with infrared, video analysis, etc., all depends on the need for and purpose of the person concerned.

It function or the objective fundamental of the circuit closed of television is watch certain spaces that can be public or private for keep and take care of the security of them facilities, prevent it activity illegal in homes and companies, protect belongings, deter to them aggressors to the feel is monitored and, above all protect it security and the welfare of them individuals of assaults physical or of attacks anti-social.

China Central television

China’s Central Television, abbreviated as CCTV by its acronym ‘China Central Television’, station of PBS in the people’s Republic of China and one of the largest companies of communication in Asia. The CCCT was founded on September 2, 1958, is headquartered in Beijing and reports directly to the Council of State of the People’s Republic of China.

The CCTV is composed of more than 20 national and international channels that can be tuned in open, cable, satellite and online. Channel CCTV-1 is the main, transmits a fiction, information and entertainment-based programming. Also, there are other channels with economic, cultural and sports programming with versions in Spanish, English, French, Arabic and Russian.


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