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Accessories Gift Ideas

In this category you will find many interesting things from the online stores. These products are great gift ideas but just as well suited to present themselves. The articles range from hair accessories key rings. You just click through the selection and view yourself what witty products there to discover in this category. You like an accessory, it order online. Continue reading

Ladies Clutch Wallet Purse

Small bag, large effect. The clutch is a bag without handles. Your advantage: Combined with jeans and a T-Shirt she can spice up any outfit in a bright color, but the clutch is ideally suited as a evening bag. The most necessary utensils for the party to find their place in the small pouch and are to find right off the bat. Filter by color, Web shop or brand the product range and find your perfect clutch in our online shop. Continue reading

How to Rock High Waist Jeans

In this category you can find high-cut jeans pants, the so-called high-waist jeans. They make figure-stressed and sexy so your outfit into something special. With a high-waist pants, you’re just always right, because they are stylish and absolutely trendy. The good: You make a great figure and stretch your legs optically. Of course, you can buy high-waist jeans online. The shops have a great offer for you. You have only to decide which new pants finds its way into your wardrobe. Continue reading

Best Water Bottle for Cycling

For who is preparing for a long bike ride, whether it’s a simple Sunday outing with friends, or a real workout, it is essential to always have on hand a bike bottle, obviously filled with water or mineral salts to quench your thirst during the activity and avoid any possible risk of poor hydration.

Why buy a water bottle for your bike? How to choose it?

The fans of this sport are well aware that cycling is a sport that makes you sweat a lot, not only if practiced during the warmer months, but also in the case of particularly intense workouts performed in autumn and winter.

Maintaining proper levels of hydration during exercise is very important in all disciplines, but especially for cycling, in which the level of service is to be always high and constant.

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How to Buy a Sleeping Bag

Because the sleeping bag is essential.

On the forum asking for advice about 4 seasons tent or very protective and “taking heat” in the high mountains. But the task of keeping us warm didn’t make the curtain (like, clothing, didn’t make the shell), but the sleeping bag compression sack. The curtain must only shelter from the rain, wind and the body heat I must withhold lot.
So you can also save a bit on the tent, or you can choose to sleep outdoors, if weather is nice, but the lot is better not skimp.

Feather or synthetic?

It’s the first question that you do when you have to buy a sleeping bag. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages.

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