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The Machine – Smartphones with 100 Terabytes!

The Machine of HP Provides Huge Space

Missing space in your phone may belong to in the near future of the past, because the American company HP is to revolutionize the storage technique in itself. Coming out, there may be a technique that enables the storage of 100 terabyte in smartphones.

The company HP is one of the largest computer manufacturers at all. And something really big has himself also made it, as with “The Machine”, the company wants to revolutionize nothing less than the world of electronics. And that might work, because with “The Machine” smartphones and tablets are possible with a storage capacity of 100 terabytes. What exactly is behind the vague title “The Machine”? “The Machine” is a platform. A piece of newly developed high-tech, which can store many unimaginable data and process. “The Machine” is a cluster that consists of many computing cores, each of which is intended for special tasks – and exactly where the difference lies: “The Machine” is not, will as usual normally, from a few computational cores that can do anything.

“The Machine” wants to HP a computer to develop, which are possible to process huge amounts of data. So, for example, a server with “The Machine” to can – address up to 160 petabytes in 250 nanoseconds and with less energy. According to HP “The Machine” supplies the six-time rate with an energy consumption reduced by a factor of 80 – all respect!

“The Machine” is intended not only for large servers, but also for devices such as Smartphones, in which a reduction of the technology incredible 100 terabyte internal disk space are easily possible. For comparison: the today’s smartphones expected the first finished devices the internal storage of typically up to 64 GB – “The machine”, the HP until 2018, would so pretty what revolutionize.

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Women’s Knitted Sweater Patterns

We can wear back cuddly knitted sweater in the winter. In combination with close jeans and boots or high heels you’ve created a hip outfit. The sweater with cable or a coarse knit pattern finds its way into your wardrobe. One thing is clear: the knitted sweaters are hotter than ever before and offer a lot of variety in styling in many colors and with different patterns. Continue reading

Designer Jeans Online Sale

Designer jeans convince us with their perfect fit, high-quality fabrics and fancy washes and details. Especially the classic blue jeans was new received the designer jeans and was brought by ateliers in Paris, London and New York as a must-have on the market. The online shops have compiled an exclusive assortment of the best designer jeans for you. Jeans fans here can find everything from skinny jeans, cool destroyed and boyfriend jeans and true religion, to classic bootcut jeans.

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Buy Knitted Dresses Online

Knitted dresses are cute and at the same time very feminine. The knitted dresses are good to combine with tights and boots in the winter, and good to wear with bare legs and sandals even in the middle of the season. Overknees or warmers look simply magical to this allrounder. There are dresses in thick knits and fine knitwear, knitted dresses in different lengths and colors. You can find exactly the dress of your choice with the drop-down menu on the left side.

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What To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Wall Clocks

It is important to do research, have knowledge and some kind of enthusiasm for collection clocks, especially when buying them at sites online, such as eBay. Whether you’re buying online as in a physical store, the collectors must do your research to find the authentic collection clocks.



Historical price To ensure that the asked price is right, know it is the value of a piece and how much other people have paid for it.
Condition Regardless of its age, it is still a functional piece, so it must be in good working condition. Obviously, parts that are in better shape will have higher prices and increase its value with the time provided they remain in good condition.
Tags or signatures Renowned watch manufacturers will have some kind of tag or signature on the workpiece so that it is easily identifiable. That is also a good way to tell if an item is real or false bidding.
Certificates of authenticity Verify the authenticity of a collectable watch through a recognized appraiser, which will carry out a full inspection and will investigate the piece.
Pedigree The clocks which belonged to someone famous or that were located where held a historic event, have more value. Such clocks should have a certificate of authenticity to validate your status.


Historical price, condition, the signature, certificate of authenticity and the pedigree, play all of a role in the value of a watch collection.

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Pressure Washer for Home Use

Learn how to choose a high-pressure washer.
The high pressure washers are practical and efficient solutions to washing houses, cars, walls, roofs and more. The product advantages are many. The effort is much smaller. The right machine can save up to 80% of its water. You need to analyze the type of dirt, the area size and frequency of use. This product basically has two technical attributes: pressure and flow.
It is related to the force with which the water comes out of the machine. They are ideal to get stubborn dirt to be removed. Sporadic use: 1400 lbs or 1600 lbs Heavy use: 1750 lbs, 1850 lbs or more
Flow rate
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Buy Dress Online Cheap

Dresses are the ultimate female garment. No other piece from your wardrobe screams more elegance, femininity and attractiveness as the dress! With a dress, every woman can easily emphasize their femininity and depending on the cut, color, and pattern opt for a sexy, cool, playful or romantic look. A dress fit for any occasion. During the day along with a waist belt and wedge heel for a nonchalant look, with high heels and clutch perfect for an elegant wedding or the night clubbing even alternatively in sportive combination with sneakers. In the offer of the online shops, there are beautiful dresses to create endless looks.

Buy clothes online

Online, you can easily find the right clothes for all occasions and buy at home. Do you need some festive or elegances? Dresses for wedding guests are very popular. You can even find the chic clothes for office in the online shops. Currently again elegant dresses in long lengths are popular. Who has opted for a cocktail dress can carry this in everyday life. Combined with a cardigan and dark tights, you can turn every chic dress in a relaxed look. A casual look you get with airy tunic dresses with a wide, seductive neckline. You can wear them on the beach, as well as in the city – high heels or sneakers.

Dresses trends

Dresses trends change rapidly depending on the season. But dress is always women’s favorite! In the spring, there are long sleeved dresses with chic v-neckline in fresh, bright colors. In the summer you will find many airy beach clothes and short dresses for those hot days and holidays. In the city, with garden and rooftop parties, this is the simple, elegant choice of dress for great look! If you want to emphasize your curves, the playfully maxi dress is right for you! The lightweight fabric wrapped your feminine silhouette is especially exciting! When it comes to on the autumn, the dresses with long arms are suitable. Dirndl will be sought before the Oktoberfest and be popular from year to year. A classic little black dress should hang in the wardrobe of any woman.

Buy the Latest Clothing for Women Cheap Prices

This webpage is the starting point for you, if you want to buy your women’s clothing online! You will find the bundled offering of online shops and fashion brands at a glance. Are looking for a particular piece of clothing in your favorite store, but it’s already sold out? Then find out online, where everything is in stock for you. Thanks to the filter option, you can easily search what match exactly your taste.

Huge selection of women’s clothing

Wide range of women’s clothing online: has the perfect package for any woman. What your wardrobe needs and your fashion heart desires, you can buy now online – sweaters, shirts, skinny jeans or underwear. There are clothes for women ranging from special petit to plus size. The bikinis you can specify your alleged problem area and find a good fitting model so quickly. But you can find also shoes, accessories, ranging from scarf and hat, and great jewelry such as necklaces, watches and rings online. In addition, there are a great selection of bags, sunglasses and even pregnancy fashion. Here you will find clothes in all sizes and even designer clothes! The second-hand comes with the online shops too.

On bargain hunting: sale and cheap products

You can find beautiful party dresses, the matching clutch, and of course the perfect shoes for the evening. Whether ballerinas, pumps or flat sandals – in the online shops you can discover new treads. Do you want to buy your outfit especially cheap online? This is even easier with the sale page, because here you will find the top 10 bargain categories! The latest invention: the sale alert button! If you like a product that is still too expensive, just click on that and the seller will notify you when the product is reduced! Shopping has never been easier.


Peplum Dress Online Shopping

Dresses with peplum, or peplum dresses, are currently totally trendy. The peplum is popular because it conjured up a feminine silhouette for the fashion-conscious women. Whether in the form of pencil for the office or out of shiny fabrics for the evening, these clothes are the must-haves in every wardrobe of a woman. Therefore, the online shops have compiled the various trend pieces so that you can buy your brand new peplum dress online.

Shoppe dresses with peplum online

Feminine curves could not be better stressed as with a peplum dress. There the femininity of each woman sits perfectly in scene and is the highlight on any red carpet. The peplum at the waist, the vibrating valance piece, is directed to the views directly on the waist and conjures up the beautiful feminine curves. So it stands out from the classic sheath dress and sets an exciting accent. There’s peplum dresses in different lengths, fabrics and colors. You can choose from mini, midi and maxi dress in all colors, you can only imagine. Depending on your personal taste, you have the opportunity to buy clothes with peplum from cotton, silk, or many other materials. As a special highlight, there’s also peplum dresses with plunging back neckline. Admiring glances are guaranteed friends here in any case.

A must have in your wardrobe

The peplum dress is very feminine, and fits especially well with simple high heels, peep-toes or even strap sandals. Combine a chic blazer dress and shoes and you’ll be the perfect outfit for the evening, the next summer, or New Year’s Eve party. Peplum dresses always fit and provide a sleek, shiny appearance. Find now your new favorite peplum dress from the huge selection of online stores.

Peplum Dress Online Shopping

Raincoats for Ladies

 In this category you will find beautiful rain coats and water-repellent coats. There are normal coats that protect you from moisture and also colorful raincoats. With the cheerful color, the bad weather can have no more friends. A raincoat can be very helpful for the festival weekend or for cycling.

The styles

Now, there is no longer only the boring plain and shapeless raincoat. You can find raincoats with exciting applications and fur trim on the hood, quilted look or the trench coat design. Also the colors ranging from silver and gold over blue, pink or green! The most popular colors include brown, khaki tones, and late colors. Coats with colorful button or zipper bar that visually stands out as a result and becomes an eye-catcher are very refined.

The cut

The styles and cuts of rain coats are very varied. Not only the length varies; the fits are very different. Some variants are equipped with an extra belt, which can be closed virtually on the belly. The sleeves are cut differently, because some fall loose and others are on the wrist. You can find rain jackets with affordable price. It’s extremely cheap!

 Raincoats for Ladies 1 Raincoats for Ladies 2

Buy Women’s Cardigans Online Cheap

We love cardigans, because they are practical. You make every summer outfit for cooler days and look at the same time totally trendy. In the online shops there are all models: summer sweaters, cardigans with buttons or zipper, colorful or subdued basics. Are you looking for a long sleeve cardigan sweater with Norwegian pattern or a cheap cardigan with batwing sleeves? You can find here various parts from the product range of the most popular Web stores. Get on the search!

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Kyago Tests How Fast Your Cell Phone is Really

You think your phone is fast? Where high speed is available on it, is not always high speed! The speed test app Kyago tells you the truth about the speed of your mobile phone. Want to know how fast your cell phone on the Internet is actually on the way? Here you can find out more!

Your Mobile Phone is So Fast

The sense of speed is usually relative – that is often particularly noticeable if you read advertisements that promise “High-speed surfing”. It not so far is often produced namely with the high speed, if you go with your mobile phone to the Internet.

Who wants to know how fast his mobile is really, for the app Kyago is recommended. Kyago has been developed both Android and Apple smartphones. Kyago testing sent data packets, how fast the Smartphone on the mobile Internet is on the way. Using the sent data packets, Kyago can determine how long to take the data to be exchanged between the mobile phone and the server. Users of the app Kyago can be then displayed on a map, they themselves must only set how much bandwidth they have ordered from their provider, Kyago will do the rest.

Kyago can do even more: all those who install the app Kyago on their Smartphone, support also a study on the measurement of power quality in Germany. Zafaco, the company that has manufactured the Kyago collects the data (for example the whereabouts, the connection technology and the speed), providing the user and ensures they anonymized on German servers. Within a few months, Zafaco will then evaluate the results and publish. Thus, the Sai would then have an end and you know where you how fast are indeed with any provider in the Internet.

The app Kyago you like and you want right now on a new, fast Smartphone? With us, you can pre-order the brand new and super fast LG G3’s and paid it off with a mobile finance.

Women’s Long Vest Tops

The long vest is back in the fashion world: is back. Reinterpreted with new cuts and materials, it is again a trendy must-have. Called the long vest, or even long vest or XL vest, it reveals especially style-conscious women who demonstrate a keen sense of the latest fashion trends. The sleeveless jacket, or the sleeveless coat, can be combined today to various style pieces. Trendy to the tight skinny jeans and shorts or rather daring to the knee-length pleated skirt are no limits your imagination.

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Sony Xperia Z2: The Release there are A First Update

The Sony Xperia Z2 is already available in first countries, now fit also a firmware update has been released. Upon receipt of the new smartphones, the update offers. However, some users report that your model are already factory-equipped with the latest version of the firmware.

With the new update, the firmware version of the Sony Xperia Z2 by 17.1.A.2.55 will change to 17.1.A.2.69. The changes should be manageable according to XperiaBlog. In addition to some bug fixes and the performance should be, been improved what sounds very much like a generic update.

What is interesting is that not all users need to manually install the update. According to the blog, first owner of the Xperia Z2 report that on her Smartphone after unpacking the latest update was already installed.

Appearing in Europe Moves into May

The Sony Xperia Z2 is available already since some time in Shanghai, where first users report already by overheating problems. Should appear in Europe the new smartphone in early April, supply bottlenecks have however moved the release some components. Some pre-order already enjoy at least in UK: apparently some mobile operators have sent first copies of the Sony Xperia Z2, as XperiaBlog reported. Larger quantities will be delivered in early May.