Women’s Jackets with Shoulder Pads

Jackets with shoulder pads are reminiscent of the 90’s when women love oversized blazer with giant shoulder pads and permed head. Nowadays the shoulder pads are more slightly smaller and the jackets are also not necessarily plus size. Nevertheless, the charm of 90s fashion has not lost the jacket with shoulder pads and celebrates comeback again. We explain why exactly this jacket is so said as never before, and how to correctly combine jackets of all kinds with shoulder pads, now.

Blazer with shoulder pads

The most popular model is the blazer with built-in shoulder pads. Special shoulder pads can give a beautiful and elegant stance the body and optically more confident. For this reason, blazers with shoulder pads are popular particularly among business women. Combined with a form-fitting dress and high heels of blazer with shoulder pads is perfect for the evening in the club or in the cocktail bar with your girlfriends.

Jackets with shoulder pads that rock

For people who like it like edgy and rocky, there is the leather jacket with shoulder pads of good totally wild. Who is in the middle of punk relies on the leather jacket with built-in shoulder pads, studs and fringes. Combined to the leather leggings and coarse boots gets its very own character the jacket with shoulder pads and has a rocking casual.

When to wear jackets with shoulder pads?

Jackets of all kinds with sewn shoulder pads can be properly combined for every occasion. In the summer a jacket is best made of a light fabric or denim, while in autumn and winter the leather jacket fits better. Here is still a little tip for everyone with narrow shoulders and a delicate torso: shoulder pad balance out the proportions of the body and allow wider narrow shoulders. You will find a wide selection of great products at fair prices online.

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