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Women’s Crop Tops Fashion

Crop tops were named in the 90s once the belly-free tops were a piece of clothing, which we all thought we won’t see it. This summer, the short shirts and tops celebrate their comeback. Unlike in the 90s, the crop shirts are now in loose cut and in the trendy oversize look so that the belly button remains modestly covered. There are the trendy shirts in many different lengths, so you can decide how much skin you want to show. If you choose a very short crop top, you can match it best with a skirt or a pair of trousers with a high waist.

SSL Encryption for Many Android Apps Sketchy

That not all Android apps that you can download on the net, are really safe, should be clear to everyone. The renowned Fraunhofer Institute has taken now 2000 popular Android apps from the Google play store more closely scrutinized. The results: Over 30 of the selected Android apps had heavy Sicherheitslücken.Das Fraunhofer Institute for secure information technology (SIT) has discovered in the encryption of some Android apps vulnerabilities. Among other MP3 stores, email clients and programs for online banking are affected. It had been attackers possible due to the vulnerability of the Android apps, to steal the access data. The applications of more than 30 companies were affected. The formerly uncertain Android apps include among others the MP3-shop from Amazon, which banking app Volkswagen have Bank, as well as the photo service Flickr – only 16 companies responded with an update that fixes the bug.

What is the error for the Android apps but? Seemingly a lack of testing of the security certificates. “This is technically a small bug, but he has great implications for the security,” so Jens Heider of the Fraunhofer SIT in a press release. If the traffic using SSL encryption is proceeding correctly, it is possible to manipulate access data while surfing via WLAN. Particularly is this would be easy for public Wi-Fi, for example, in the hotel or at the airport.

The security risk for the user is dependent on the purpose of the application. Really nasty and annoying can be for example in a banking app. The risk for Android apps is particularly high, use the single-sign-on services by Microsoft or Google – both the access data used by other services, for example by E-Mail or instant message. However, was fairly easy to close the gap in the Android apps. Where the gap of the companies is already eliminated, the users need to update only the corresponding app. Generally speaking, though, you should be careful when using public Wi-Fi Android apps, the Institute advises.

Summer Blouses with Short Sleeves

A blouse with short sleeves is the perfect garment for the summer. Even in the winter, the blouses are still super portable in combination with a blazer or jacket. They exist for the most diverse occasions: office, leisure or dinner. Let yourself be inspired by the offer of online stores and find your new blouse by using the search filters on the left side. Choose your size, your favorite color or even a shop in which you would like to order.

Discover the Range of Women’s Blazers

At least a blazer should hang in the wardrobe of any woman. Blazer belongs not only to the business look, but has become absolutely suitable for everyday use. The classic blazer is black or gray, and is usually combined with lady’s suit. Today blazer is worn with jackets in all possible combinations in any bright colors. Pink blazer and fancy cuts are especially popular.  The blazer may be longer or more and inserts, how did for example made of leather. There are also patterned or striped blazers.

The blazer as a business look

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Balloon Skirts Online

Female balloon skirts


There are a variety of different lengths, colors, and materials in balloon skirts. Only the shape is always retained. The different types of balloon skirts can be worn to very different occasions. This is superficially of course depends on the length of the skirt. Short skirts own leisure time, as well as for the club night or Sunday brunch. You can integrate slightly longer skirts well into your office outfit. This is best when the skirts made from some durable material and replace the costume. For the club night a balloon skirt made from flowing, lightweight fabrics, you might of course create a nice silhouette through multiple layers of fabric.

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Women’s Warm Down Jackets

Down jackets and coats are warm and cuddly! The down jackets with shiny materials in beautiful colors is classic for several years. The matching jacket here will be determined for each. If you have an idea of price, the online shops will display the appropriate products to you with the filter function! A down coat is your perfect companion for the really cold days and therefore indispensable.

Down jackets and coats for ladies

Down jackets and coats for women are essential for the cold fall and winter days, no matter whether you’re wearing a short down quilted jacket while shopping in the city or a down coat fur hooded during the walk in the park. The popular fed catcher make in their numerous color and variations will satisfy everywoman and emphasize your feminine silhouette with a belt. Some variants will lend a special touch by fashionable stitching or sophisticated details.

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Buy New Capri Pants for Women

A wide range of 3/4 pants are here for warmer days. They are a bit shorter than 7/8 trousers and ideal for a trip to the city or a bike ride. Use the filter function on the left side to find your desired color. Would you like to order your 3/4 pants in a particular online shop? Then just pick out the appropriate shop and you’ll find it!

Ladies summer pants

If it is too cold to wear shorts but would sweat in long women’s pants, you can bring out the 3/4 pants, also called capris. Like the cargo pants for men, the capri pants just below the knee. The length of three-quarter pants can be in contrast to the form. You can wear capri pants as a baggy pants or as closely as a leggings. Shorts for women are here just as diverse as the long version.

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Buy Skirts Online

The online shops have collected the most beautiful skirts for you: summer skirts, miniskirts, skirts in trendy trend colors or floral print, midi skirts, denim skirts or long skirts in the Bohemian style. You can search by color, brand, price or size then easily sort and find exactly the perfect skirt for every occasion.

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Watches in Brazil: to Buy or not to Buy?

About two years ago the world of luxury returned her eyes to the Brazilian market. The country has become a destination on the globe for the releases of most requested timepieces brands of this universe. It was at this time that brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC and Panerai established stores in the country. Today it is possible to find models in Brazil before just purchased to make a trip to Europe or the United States. Still, a survey by WatchTime Brazil revealed that a large part of our readers prefer to buy models abroad. But, is it still worth it?

Although buying a watch on a journey to become a special memory to load on the wrist, this often is not the main reason at the time of purchase. The Brazil is known for high tax loads, resulting in higher prices for each product imported.

To view this difficulty in the Brazilian market, the designers have created mechanisms to dribble with mastery this impasse. Are policies of reducing profit margins and even watches allowance to conquer the Brazilian customer.

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Watches for Surprise in Christmas Gift

When it comes to gift someone special, choose a gift that represents all the love you have for this person. The watches are objects of desire for both men and women and different models combine with every lifestyle. Check out the selection that WatchTime Brazil prepared for you surprise on Christmas gift.

Montblanc Dual Time Chronométrie Heritage
For men classic style a Montblanc is the ideal gift. This watch was fitted with calibre 29.19 MB with easy-to-read dual time zone: the blue pointer indicates the second time accompanied by the 24 hours of 12:00 sub-dial that indicates whether it is day or night in the place of origin. The model has 41 mm diameter box in steel.

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8 Watches to Honor the October Rose

A few years ago, companies, Governments, and populations of the world mobilized for a cause: breast cancer; especially in the month of October. The cause was known as October pink and is present in many of the places we looked, even if quietly.

The pink draws attention to the reality of breast cancer and the importance of early diagnosis. After all, the disease is the main responsible for the deaths of women from cancer, according to data from the World Health Organization.

In addition to supporting the cause, we at WatchTime Brazil, we performed a selection of pink watches, or with details in this color, to present and also raise awareness. See the list below:

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Women’s Coats with Hooded

There are many hooded jackets. You can select by price, colour, brand or shop. You can choose several things at the same time to find a new coat. Especially in the middle of the season and in the winter, a coat with hood is immensely handy, because you don’t have an umbrella at hand. They also protect you from the wind. You have even the possibility with hidden hood collar to make a coat perfect.

Great must-have jackets with hood for ladies

Whether summer or winter, hooded jackets are not only simply super stylish, but also help protect our hair from the unloved rain. They are the must-have in every wardrobe simple and should not be missing in cold wet autumn weather. The perfect coat is found quickly, because they in all variations and colors. You can choose different styles that fit particularly well with your figure and colors whether you prefer darker colors, lighter, or pattern. The length is crucial. Choose hooded short coats for rainy evenings in the summer and lined, long coats with hood in the winter.

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Women’s Plus Maxi Skirts

Long skirts had to be one thing above all: short, but those days are over. The maxi dresses gain more and more popularity recently. Long skirt comes back; they are not only popular in the summer on the beach, but also as a everyday look.

Maxi skirt trends

The trend in the maxi skirt is especially simple colors. In the style of the standard core, the long skirt is most in black or a muted color. The Maxi skirt in dark grey is very trendy. The patterned maxi skirts are again on the rise. Some maxi skirts are designed with fringes, ethnic patterns and rich floral prints. For wearers who want to have it like something more seductive, there is a wide range of maxi skirts with slits so that can let the leg outburst.

The combination of maxi skirt

You can combine the maxi skirt diversely. Depending on the style and preference, you can generate different looks from the garment. You will get an everyday outfit when combining the maxi skirt in a dark color with a simple striped shirt. You can wear the skirt with high shoes, sneakers in combination with the lace tops. For a warmer autumn look, the maxi skirt can be combined with a colorful knit sweater in a braided pattern and on the beach with a long top and flip-flops. The maxi skirt is as an all-rounder, which hopefully still remains in the trend and accompanies us through all walks of life!

Women's Plus Maxi Skirts

How to Buy Vintage Watches

Any watch manufactured before 1990 can be considered a vintage piece, even though some collectors set just like the 1980 year of manufacture of a genuinely vintage watch. Broer, nevertheless, decided to use 1990 as the base year for this article, which offers tips on buying a vintage watch. But, ultimately, it is you who will decide what is the year of manufacture “bound” to consider his new acquisition a piece actually vintage.

See, below, two important questions to consider when buying an antique watch:

You can and trust the watch dealer?

The seller has a good reputation in the sale of antique watches? Investigate! There are online forums in various languages, groups on social networks and even blogs that bring together a huge amount of interested in watchmaking. In some of them the dealer should have been mentioned positively or negatively. Although it sounds cliche, trust your gut, too. If the purchase doesn’t look good or legitimate, let her pass with the confidence that another watch with a good price will come.

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