Long Tops in XXL

Long tops are the ideal garment for the summer. You get the holiday in the fashion and are available for Sun, beach and a feminine look. For many women, long tops are a casual top for your leisure time. The long tops in large sizes fall loosely and are characterised by a comfortable feel. The long form fit the long tops in XXL wonderful narrow pants and cut a good figure.

The design of long tops in large sizes, it is important to take into account the female curves. Finally, the form of the tops should optimally be tailored to on the body and beneficial use the curves in scene. This means that the long tops in XXL allow sufficient space for the breast and are far enough in the hip area. Is the only way a casual fabric case. The attention of the Viewer on the shoulders and décolleté is the long tops in XXL. Depending on the style they bring the 1970s new life, bet on elegance or a sporty design. Simply and straight or with decorative seams and buttons, long tops, emphasize the upper chest and abdomen, hips and buttocks to conceal. The popular fashion brand placing greater emphasis on long tops in XXL women with feminine curves can look forward to the next summer holidays or at home enjoying the casual and comfortable look. Summer tops and long tops are simply in every wardrobe.

Cotton Jersey is the classic at the long tops in large sizes. The breathable material ensures an optimum moisture management. Also viscose and polyester blends are advantageous because they are ironing easy and very elastic. In the context of an online order, the fabric can be tested before the final purchase decision is made. Simple long tops in black, white and neutral tones may be combined versatile. The color trends allow however many interesting compilations. Strong colors such as red and turquoise are also available such as pastel shades. Long tops with flowery or maritime motifs are also in vogue.

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