Discover Ripped Jeans for Women

Destroyed jeans: more than just used-look

The Destroyed Jeans are right player! They convince not only by their strong used to look with color, but also through cracks and holes that make it eye-catching. The blue jeans are very popular for many years in the most diverse washings. This look is the result of an initially more pragmatic method. The jeans are washed before sale, to remove paint from the fabric. While the color loses intensity depending on the temperature and the detergent. After designers have developed the most diverse methods to give jeans a worn look. With bleach and pumice stones, they produce signs of wear on the fabric. The popular destroyed look is available from baggy to slim today in different weights, and is secured with cracks and holes for the real used to look.

Scratch, crack or hole: your destroyed look

The destroyed jeans could be your new favorite jeans! The has a huge selection of destroyed jeans. You have always the right outfit for the right occasion – because jeans trousers in used look fit today itself to stylish outfits. For this, the jeans combine preferably with an ordinary, solid T-shirt or sweatshirt. The most important thing is that you set a strong contrast between the smooth top and torn jeans! In the summer, you can wear stylish shorts in the destroyed look, too. It is best combined with a breezy top.

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