Definitions of WWW

What’s WWW

WWW stands for World Wide Web, which means global outreach network, in English.

The www is a hypermedia system, which is the meeting of multiple media connected by electronic communication systems and performed on the Internet, where you can access any website for consultation on the Internet. The literal translation of the world wide web is “worldwide Web” or “Web world” size, and indicates the potential of the internet, able to connect the world, as if it were a Web. >> more

The Web works through three parameters: the URL, which specifies the unique address that each page will receive, and that’s how she will be found when users enter; HTTP, which is a communication protocol that allows the transfer of information between networks; and HTML, which is a method of encoding internet information to be displayed in a variety of ways.

History of the abbreviation www

The Internet was born as a closed network in 60 years, with the name of Aparnet. Created in United States military laboratories, served to exchange information between government computers. Only in 1989 the proposal won the feature we know today with the advent of the www (Word Wide Web). Developed by English physicist Tim Berners-Lee, in the laboratories of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (Cern), the www has set a default language for the movement of data over the network, allowing any computer, anywhere on the planet, had free access to the virtual world.


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