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Lacoste Live Duffle Coat in Wool Cloth

Here’s my take on a stylish and warm at Lacoste LIVE coat. Ideal for the coming winter! (like Jon Snow)

The Lacoste LIVE coat in wool cloth

The cold comes in force and it is time to equip themselves properly to face this period hated of all: the winter! It means finding a warm and stylish coat in order to cross the era cooler unhindered and with class. Here are the reasons why I chose this Lacoste LIVE coat in wool cloth.

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Life’s a Joke Eleven Paris

Eleven Paris presents its new collection, highlighting the great video ‘The Hunters’. ” An ode to adolescence that reminds you that #LifeIsAJoke.

Eleven Paris

Eleven Paris is a modern and original brand, their clothes are totally anchored in tune with the times. Music, cinema culture, Eleven Paris is inspired by what makes the current world to offer products at the forefront of the trends.

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Celio Summer Collection

The appointment was made in Paris, Saint-Honore Street, in a Show Room private for a curious look at the Summer 2017 of celio collection. A new designer takes in hand the first French brand of ready to wear male a year for granted. The clothes are, well in the air time with this eternal touch of relaxation that so well suits the brand. Tour of the future wardrobe of the modern Gentleman.

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Best Winter Outdoor Clothing

In winter, when rain and thunderstorms, discourage normal activities in the sun drying of clothes, nothing like practical clothes rack indoor to solve the age-old question. Among the best sellers, the drying room from the ground.

Large, spacious, comfortable and very easy to use, they have the advantage of being able to be used and then immediately folded, until further use. This saves space in settings such as laundries all too often crowded with a number of tools and accessories, useful to preserve the cleanliness and hygiene of the whole house.

Other advantage of the drying room from the ground is in the fact that these complements most often are designed as modular solutions, with extendable sections if necessary, ensuring surfaces gradually larger in size, for the drying of numerous clothing.

Many models on the market: those in resin and metal the most sold. Some success continues to record even in models Wood: solid, resistant and the timeless charm.

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Christmas Inspired Outfits

Enough of Santa Claus and his old red suit dating back to Methuselah (or Coca-Cola?)? Here are some ways to revamp it fashionable to 2011.

It no longer has the Santa, aka Santa Claus for anglophones, aka Weihnachtsmann for Germans, aka paunchy it red for all the rest of the planet.

2011 years and as many descentes-du-ciel-avec-des-jouets-par-milliers later, it is time to dust off the myth. In this case, to give a facelift to the style of Santa. Some ideas for what this brave Santa has the class to the descent of the sled.

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How to Organize the Closet

Ranger his dressing room, it is not necessarily obvious. If you too are victim of the “I have nothing to wear” daily so that your closet is overflowing, follow these wise counsel. Originally published October 23, 2012 the dressing, land of fantasies and mysteries… many of us to dream of a wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw, […]

Ranger his dressing room, it is not necessarily obvious. If you too are victim of the “I have nothing to wear” daily so that your closet is overflowing, follow these wise counsel.

Originally published October 23, 2012

The dressing, land of fantasies and mysteries… we are many to dream of a wardrobe to the Carrie Bradshaw, with two hundred square meters of shelves twinkling and immaculate curtains. But in real life, this famous dressing is often reduced to a demi-armoire who is drowning in the mismatched clothes. It was the case of my own closet until I decide to take things in hand. I therefore turned to a day in Valérie Damidot wardrobes, and I found and tested lots of tricks to reorganize and transform your ‘closet of chaos”in something roughly correct.

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Shopping for Autumn Clothes

It ‘s the first weekend of the fall, and the tips of the season are already present!

Fall is definitely my favorite season: the leaves of the trees are orange, soft sweaters and Christmas is only in two and a half months! In the meantime this blessed moment, I have created you a small selection of the weekend shopping tips. Then prepare yourself a cup of tea (or an Irish Coffee), a slice of butter peanut (or paste) and filled me with all these baskets (within the limits of the reasonable, does cause cardiac arrest with your banker)!

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App for Choosing Outfits

Okay Is the new mode application that allows its users to be advised by their peers in their choice of clothing and accessories. A pretty cool concept.

Decide between two dresses, two pairs of shoes or even downright two whole outfits, this is a situation that we all did face at least once, and it’s sometimes a regular scenario for some.

Okay, the new application mode-which is likely to know a great success – has well understood: it allows you to ask the other users of the app their reviews, in order to help you pick the outfit that’d be best.

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Best Coats on Our Site

With the winter that the tip of his nose, Juliette went to get on our site Mode a selection of four coats that sublimate all your outfits!

This article was written as part of an agreement with our site.
In line with our manifesto, it says what we wanted.

I’m saying lately: Oh, autumn is installed, and there is even the winter which starts to make us cuckoo by far. Then, to anticipate the cold, we have to start thinking about coats!

That’s good: I was take a look on the side of the shop Mode, and I brought from this expedition four pretty coats, which will be perfect to protect you from the drop in temperatures, but also your best allies to enhance your favorite outfits.

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How to Dress for a Job Interview

Because you never really know how to dress for a job interview, Juliette book you in this article tips history to choose your clothes for a stressful time!

A job interview, it’s stressful, even for the more extraverties… especially when operating in an environment where the dirigeantes feel dress of the employees and other candidat•e•s.

See also: The dress code professional, between mystery and sexism

So if you soon a job interview or audition to get into a school, here are some tips about what to choose in the closet (or what to buy if Miss you a few items)!

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