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How to Wear the Cropped Top

Often considered perilous, the cropped top yet remains the key to a dress code in bold. A few precautions to use to make a play mode mastered and assumed.

In the family of fashion pieces that we would love to wear, but who remain, of course, reserved for the favored girls, I ask the cropped top. Popularized by Britney & co. in the early 1990s, it remains our 15 years a stylistic fantasy that one hardly dares to allow 30 past. Here are 5 tips to approach it with serenity.

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How to Style Your Clothes

Whether based on trends of the season or our morphology, short guide to appropriate parts of our dressing with style.

Style, trends, fashion… . Is not only a question of any it-room to take ownership on the pretext that they had seen during a parade or on the back of a celebrity. We have the latest shoes or the last jacket fashionable, yet need to know how to wear.

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How to Match Your Clothes with Shoes

So the look with winter shoes is perfect

So failed were winter shoes never: Trek sole, Plateau paragraph, or XL shaft. No need to despair – thanks to our style guides.

Preferred clothes: extravagant Overknees

It is casual with a narrow jeans, which is in the stages, and a loose top – also for the Office. Those who opt for a dress or a skirt, should pay attention to a longer hemline. With mini, it looks fast after sexy “pretty woman”.

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Right Clothes for Body Shape

These models fit to these character types

The selection is great, but not every model flatters the figure. We say, fits the form best for you.

Figure consulting: Little things make all the difference in a coat

Length, cut, lapel shape–it plays an important role when you want to find the perfect coat. Often, there are just minor details like pockets or a longitudinal seam, which negatively affect our proportions. Models such as Duffle coat or parka is never go out of fashion. Their shapes vary from casual to elegant, and available to anyone.

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Dangers of Wearing too Tight Clothes

Give me substance! Why a size good for larger head and body

In these pictures the breath away for watching and us: crushing necklines and tight dresses look not only common, they also still really hurt. Who wants to be beautiful must suffer? No thanks!

Men dream of the Helene Fischer Look: tight pants, tight blouse, viiiel hair, point. All? No, of course not. “Tight and short turns on, but that you don’t need.” So dressed girls, who have to provide anything else. “You

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Editorial: looks in jeans, no genre and style

Indigo owns one of the multiple personalities and thought-provoking. Was strong in the Americas. It was rebellious in the streets and on the screens. Became involved in the glamour of great divas. Defended peace and love. Protested, music, requintou. And always had in essence a concept that sophisticated today and become lovingly transformer: the unisex.

The jeans have a soul genderless, one of many current terms to define the clothes without gender identity that goes beyond the basics and merges benchmarks for both male and female. Is a woman wearing pants and jacket, Yes. But it is also man wearing a skirt and elements until then, at least in contemporary society, restricted to the closet of them, like lace and bows. Continue reading

Plaid Fashion That Never Leaves The Streets

No other print has as much style as chess. The shirt, then, is a classic and has never been left out. Fashionable grunge is a basic item and makes a bossa used tied at the waist, with one pair of jeans and old sneakers on his feet. What’s great is that chess, depending on the pattern, can refer to a looser, stripped or compose a classic and elegant look. Are you still in doubt?

Keep an eye on the mix of pieces with this pattern which is a wildcard in the closet and wardrobe of them female.

Let’s start with her, the Plaid Shirt. We already have your, but how about renewing the outfit? If you have the piece in print version girl, invest in one with larger drawing. See here some ideas. Continue reading

Trendalert: Dresses Inspired By Nocturnal Productions Increase Sweaters | Marcela Saw Frasson

One of the trends that have gained prominence in recent seasons sets were the looks delicate and romantic, but at the same time able to reflect a woman’s sexy and powerful. One item in particular, the slip dress, has won the hearts of those who like to combine the beauty to comfort-is that dress similar to a sweater, made with fabrics such as satin, silk, lace and transparency. Fever in the years 90, he returned to the redesigned and came with everything to make beautiful night productions. Ever took to get mine, and today I show a few more for you here in the column. Continue reading

Shopping Guide Online! 6 Practical Tips For Not To Miss

A cool brand, with 70% discount that you can buy with half a dozen clicks – without leaving the couch. Buy over the internet is practical, comfortable and come on – fun.

However, the fact of doing everything via computer brings some doubts that end up being answered only with the same experience: how to choose the right size? This site is really reliable? Will get everything right?

So you don’t have to go through the frustration of receiving 1 1 clothes with a tissue other than the one you saw on the screen or in the wrong size, we’ve put together tips to make a checklist before buying online-and we rely on the help of readers participating in the  beauty Group Donna. Continue reading

Meet The Children’s Brand That Produces Parts Hue Gaucho And Without Gender Distinction

When you enter a children’s store, the first question that probably will hear the saleswoman is one: “a boy or a girl?”. For the  children’s trademark Gaucho Hue, the sex of the baby is just a detail in time to produce clothes for small up to two years. Far from stereotypes as the Pink for girls and blue for kids, the brand has as one of the pillars just don’t do gender distinction.

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How To Find Out Your Style: Tips For You To Express Yourself Through The Wardrobe

By Camila Maccari, Especially

You have already opened the closet and felt no reflected much who you are? Or realize that you wear every day doesn’t match the way to live your life? After this record falls, you wonder what, after all, is your style: a common question, mostly to the face full of clothes hangers that are almost never used or do not match each other.

– Our personal style is a valuable weapon to show who we are, we feel happy in our skins and to show the way we want to be seen by the world – says the stylist and fashion consultant Roberta Weber.

In addition, meet your taste brings other strengths. LEA M, a consultant on Style therapy States that this process helps in practical aspects of life. Continue reading

Get into the mood of spring with the sets of flowers

Even when the cold will insist on staying still don’t know, but by the calendar winter officially ends the day September 22 to make room for the ares of the Spring. Is right: the colourful flower Springs station and invades our wardrobe. Then it’s time to start renovating the closet very soon enter the spring weather.

We seek inspiration in the ultimate symbol of spring and we share with you some looks marked by the charming beauty of the floral print, the darling of the station. Choose your composition and Spring! Continue reading

Overall Tips, Unique Piece, Practical And Comfortable To Wear All Day And Night

He appeared in the male universe, when workers, pilots, soldiers and mechanics used models as uniform, one of a kind and comfortable. Between the decades of 1970 and 1980 the overalls entered the fashion, when women began to work with them in factories and needed something more practical. Over the years the jumpsuit was redesigned, reimagined and increasingly has been dropping in the taste of them. By the way, is the darling of celebrities.

Versatile and stylish at the same time, so is the jumpsuit. Found in many formats, can be used on different occasions. What sets the style are the fabrics and cuts, mostly of the sleeves and necklines. We have selected some suggestions to inspire you to also want to wear the jumpsuit and be all prose. Continue reading

Bikini, The “Atomic Bomb” That Revolutionized Swimwear, Complete 70 Years

In July 1946, the Frenchman Louis Reard caused a real scandal by launching a bathing suit considered very little prude: 70 years later, an exhibition tells the story of the Bikini through mythical parts, the first copy to the that was immortalized by Ursula Andress in James Bond .

The Bikini: an anatomical pump was the slogan created for the two pieces of fabric, a track to the top and two inverted triangles to the bottom, sold in a package the size of a box of matches. The play was so explosive that was christened with the name of the small island where atomic testing Americans were held.

Although the Bikini already exists for some time, was high-waisted underwear, at the height of the belly, the women’s favorite in the postwar period, as evidenced by the images of pin-up or American actresses, Marilyn Monroe in the lead. Continue reading