12 Beauty Questions Answered by Experts

The universe beauty is so wide and full of possibilities that it’s not unusual for us to be between a rock and a hard place: do this or that? Can I or can’t I? Precisely for this reason, we climbed a team of top experts that they dug the main beauty questions. Don’t waste even a second without knowing the answers. Come along with internetdict website!


Epilating with the hair thickens blade: truth or myth?
M i t! “What happens is that when you pass the blade on the skin, the hair is cut in a region that has greater diameter. This causes the feeling that, at birth, is thicker,” explains Fabiola Bordin, dermatologist of Skin Beauty Clinic (RJ). When the hair is pulled out by the roots, the first part which is born is thinner what gives the feeling to be more pleasant to the touch.

Help, I’m going to fall into the ballad tonight and a spine size giga sprouted in my face. What I do to ease the problem? 
Without despair. I already told you how to end with blackheads and pimples in 7 steps infallible, but Fabiola Bordin gives the letter if you need to find the solution in the short term, “Make a compress of Chamomile tea four to five times a day. Also apply specific drying pens for this purpose. They are formulated with salicylic acid and can help mitigate the situation. But first, the ideal is to make sure you’re not allergic to this asset,” the specialist.

My skin is oily. Can I skip the moisturizer?
Ever, face reader! Any type of skin needs hydration. In addition, when it is well conditioned, she gets better the specific treatments for acne (if you suffer from excessive production of sebum in the complexion, there are great chances of being a victim of this inconvenience …), decreasing the risk of irritation or flake. “The important thing is to bet on specific creams for this skin type,” warns Fabiola Bordin. Look for oil-free vehicles and light texture, case of gels. More details on the subject are in the report As oily skin care of the face.


And then, taking the cuticles is harmful to your health? 
This subject is, literally, delicate (and super controversial in the universe of beauty). Well, the great truth is that removing them could cause some damage, Yes. This is because, as explained by Ananda Socin, consultant Cosmopolish style Nail Bar (SP), cuticles are a protective barrier for your nails. “Our hands are in constant contact with all kinds of bacteria and fungi. To remove them, hold doors open for possible diseases,” he says. The right is therefore just push them slightly with the aid of a moisturizer and a spatula. But, if you belong to the team of women who can’t stand to watch those hairs growing and is extremely uncomfortable with their presence, only a superficial cleanup in the region.

What the hell I need to do to not chew more nails?
Mrs clutches Eater that reads: have you ever stopped to think how many bacteria you are ingesting to practice such an act? Not only that, no. Play of rodent can leave your teeth vulnerable to cavities and even cause damage to the stomach and intestine. Well, if not these reasons have persuaded you to annihilate the bad habit of routine, go to solutions. The suggestion of Ananda Soncin is always keep nails trimmed, sanded and varnished with bright colors, in addition to using glazes with bitter taste, that function as a reminder to never commit such a crime again. “Gel baths are also a great alternative, since it creates a protective layer on the nails, making them stronger and decreasing the chances of biting them,” he suggests. As this behavior is usually connected to the emotional, it’s worth paying attention on the grounds that lead to put your hand over your mouth. After all, when we know the cause of the problem, is much easier to control it. The reward for the victory of this arduous battle is to be able to go around making nice with our suggestions of nails decorated.


Must I use the concealer before or after the base? 
There are those who defend the two possibilities. Valley test each method to find out which works best for you. However, the most common is to apply the basis for standardizing the skin and then use the concealer in areas that require a larger correction, since the product is denser and pigmented.

How to pass the eyeliner without errors and make it last longer?
Lift your chin in front of the mirror (if you prefer, place your elbow on a table to have more stability and achieve a sketchy straight and uniform). “Start the stroke on the inner corner of the eye towards the outside. He must be very thin at the beginning and be thicker at the end,” teaches Chloe Gaya. To ensure that the product remains intact for a longer time, the expert recommends preparing the eye region with a specific primer, then apply a neutral shade. If the idea is to have lasting power, choose an eyeliner waterproof. Finish with a makeup Fixer.

I want my lipstick has a duration … But how to achieve such a feat? 
The Chloe Gaya, makeup artist and image consultant Jacques Janine (SP), around and fill the lips with pencil specific for the region. Then, apply the lipstick with a similar color. “In addition to making the product last longer, the color becomes more intense,” he points out. Another unbeatable Council of our dear reporter Did Guimarães, is place a tissue over the lips colored and, above it, apply a thin layer of translucent powder with a blush brush. Oh, and keep the lips always hydrated with the help of lip balms, see? Discover here other tricks to improve the dry mouth.


Always sleep with wet hair. Guilty or innocent? 
100% guilty. Moisture, in fact, affect the hair fiber and can lead to fungus-yuck! in hair. Not to mention the possibility of the wires start to plummet, huh? If you don’t have time to let your hair dry naturally, refer to the dryer. But, before anything, apply a thermal protector to protect the wires against the heat and keep your hair at a distance of at least 15 cm from the appliance.

But, after all, how often should I wash my mane?
To Milena Oliveira, Marcos Proença hairstylist Hairstylists (SP), everything depends on the type of wire. Normal dry hair housewives can wash it every other day with specific shampoos for them. Who already have oily streaks, there’s no way: the daily washing ultimately becomes a necessity. “In this case, I would advise using shampoos that keep the pH balance of the region and control its oil”, indicates the professional.

Love this new wave of such dry shampoo! But, er … How many times a week do I use it?
Fact: this it-product is a breaking branch here. But it is better to resort to it only in cases of urgency (you know that day when the 24 hours were not enough to watch you and lacked time to wash her hair?). Is, how do you explain Milena Oliveira, when used in excess, the dry shampoo can leave residues in the root, leading to blockage of the hair follicle. “Because of this, usually indicate the use of deep cleansing shampoo once a week, this is Milena Oliveira.

I’m tired of having to live with my fine hair. How can I leave you full of volume?
It all starts when flushing: opt for a shampoo that gives body to mane. Then apply at the root volume spray and mousse on the ends. “Once this is done, dry the hair raising its root, but without brushing too. To finish off, put bobes. The result? With a lot of texture and volume! “says Milena Oliveira.