10 Tips Against The Mobile Phones – So You Get Rid Of The Smartphone

Cell Addicted? We do not! But anyway it is annoying. Not only our parents, but also our friends, who should know better. And hand on the heart: Sometimes-but only sometimes-we would be glad, we would leave the smartphone simply times.

Mindfulness-Just Leave Your Mobile Phone Lying

It does not matter if you look at your mobile phone twenty-four times or sixty-three times a day – if you are significantly disturbed by your own consumption, you can think about setting an example for your entire circle of friends. We have thought about some tips that can also help you get rid of thesupposed addiction. You do not need to drown your device or throw it out of the window.Frequently, more careful acting in hectic everyday life is already enough. You will be amazed at the worlds that open up to you without WhatsApp and Co.! Check these 10 tips from howsmb!

10 Tips For Digital Detoxification

1. Turn Off Alarm Sounds

The first step to disconnect from the phone is to turn off its sounds. Turn your phone on silently.This is how you determine when you look at your mobile phone, and do not feel compelled by any alarm sound to look at your smartphone. It is the sounds which pretend to us importance, even when a friend asks us about our general condition. Anyone who still wants to receive further calls, can only switch off the alarm tones of various apps like Facebook or WhatsApp.

2. Take Mobile Phone Free Phases

Anyone who feels that he is too attached to the mobile phone can deliberately set up mobile-free phases. For example, you can set up a few hours in the evening where you just can not take your phone into the hand and do something else instead. In the best way, you can not chat over your laptop or PC on Facebook. Watch a movie with your loved one or take a good book. In combination with the first step, you can be confident that you will not miss any calls. Alternatively, you can have calls redirected to your landline phone.

3. Turn Off The Smartphone During Important Activities

Who does not know: You have to do housework or housework, but your smartphone rings every three minutes. And after you answer, you need at least two minutes to get back into the subject. If you are doing something important, simply switch off your mobile phone in the best case. This also prevents you from becoming paranoid and still looking at the device every ten minutes. You’ll notice how much faster you move forward.

4. Create A Smartphone-Free Zone

Another option to reduce your mobile phone usage is to create mobile-free zones in the house. For example, it is useful not to take the smartphone into the bedroom. Anyone who consistently adheres to this advice can at the same time prevent him from being awakened by unwanted message tones at night. In addition, it is also less likely to distract themselves with social networks until late into the night.

5. Purchase Genuine Alarm Clock

If you still want to take your smartphone into the bedroom, get a separate alarm clock. If you use your mobile phone alarm clock, you start the morning to check the social networks first and before the first coffee.

6. Use The Watch

It looks similar to checking the time. Anyone who uses a variety of mobile phone functions and bans the really intended items from his life, of course, looks much more often on his mobile phone. We know it all: Wrist watches are no longer so important, since we can learn about the time on the mobile phone. The same is true for navigation devices or notebooks.

7. Consider Complicated Access Code

In order to avoid perpetual cell phone-looking, you can consider a complicated unlocking code. The more difficult the code is, the better you can tackle your smartphone consumption. At best you have to write down the code. Maybe you prevent so once that you hang too often on the mobile phone – at least as long as you know the code by heart. And as long as you do not have a fingerprint sensor or use it.

8. Reduction Of Social Networks

Reducing the number of your social networks saves you time. Decide for example for Facebook or Twitter and remove the other app from your smartphone. If you do not want to miss both, you can also call one of the networks only via the PC.

9. Apps Against The Addiction

In the meantime, various apps are offered to help get rid of the mobile phones and reduce their consumption. These include, for example, online alarm clocks that tell you how long you have been online.Parents can use these apps among other things, how many hours their offspring may spend on the Internet.A very different option is to simply set the phone to flight mode. Thus, the connection to the Internet is capped – but still images can be made. In addition, SMS and calls can be easily received further. However, the flight mode works only with you. The new generation has turned off the flight mode faster than you would like.

10. Mobile Phone Prosthesis For Severe Cases

If you really consider yourself to be heavily mobile, a mobile phone prosthesis can help you get your addiction under control. The so-called No-Phone is a black block in the form of a smartphone. However, it has no functions. Supposedly these prosthesis addicts feel that they have their mobile phone with them. According to the daily newspaper, dependents feel much better during their withdrawal.